Whether or not you like Barack Obama, his Q&A session with a room full of nothing but elected Republicans asking him any question they want was apparently the first time this has ever happened in front of television cameras. It was basicaly a town hall with the whole audience being elected Republicans.  Again, putting aside whether or not you like the guy or his policies, if you are just fascinated by politics or a student of political history, this was definitely worth watching.

Either Republican leaders are stupid, or Barack Obama “won” the day because the consensus is he came out pretty well in this. I’d like to see this kind of  thing all the time. It’s one thing I’d like to see America adopt from England, questioning the leader and what not.  And he didn’t even need a teleprompter 🙂



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  1. I agree. This was one of the more interesting things I’ve seen in politics in a long time. Like you said, no matter what you think about the guy, he stood against the tide and came out still standing tall. If he’s going to bring the ‘change’, he needs to to do more of this to let the public see him facing off against his naysayers.

    Don’t people understand that something has to give? To many people in our country believe things would be better if we just kept everything the way it is. Our country and government is a system and systems fail if they are not updated with the changing environment around it. Just because something works now and has worked in the past, doesn’t mean that it is going to be viable a few years in the future or even now.

    I don’t give a fuck what is done, but something must be done. These boneheads, Republicans and Democrats, need to stop fighting against each other and take some sort of action. The only thing that is accomplished with fighting is a fight. Conversation and compromise is the key. Compromise is not weakness, it is strength. It shows you are able to bend and grow as an individual.

    Sorry, too much wine tonight.

  2. The problem I’m seeing from over here in England is that everyone expected a ‘overnight solution’ so to speak.
    The way the British media paints the current situation for Barrack Obama is that the American people seem to have forgotten he has herited the current finacial situation.
    Everyone seems to be moaning at him to change it yet not critising Bush Jnr for getting them into it in the first place.

  3. Pretty much.

    Americans have extremely short attention spans. Especially when it comes to politics. We sort of live “in the moment”. I thought it was a pretty good moment during that town hall with Republican leaders when the first douche gets up and starts blaming him for all the job losses and he’s like “um, let’s see…in december we lost a zillion jobs, the month i was sworn in we lost a zillion jobs, and the month after before I had done anything we lost a zillion jobs…i assume you aren’t blaming my administration for those, right?”

    All politics in America is based on trying to get re-elected. Republicans made a conscious decision as soon as McCain lost that they would unilaterally oppose everything. Why? Because historically, that’s how you win in the next election. Oppose everything so it looks like the ruling party has gotten nothing done and if they do something, make it seem like the very fabric of America is being destroyed by distorting and lying about everything. That’s just how politics are played here and both parties do it.

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