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  1. I really agree with you on WOLFMAN – i totally enjoyed that Movie and i donĀ“t get why so many People are hating on it… The Visuals, the Kills – WOLFMAN just ROCKS!

  2. Yes! Thank you Mat! I needed someone else in the horror community that wasn’t bashing Wolfman, it was getting so lonely.

  3. See I like Sleepwalkers in all its craptastic glory as it was my first King film. The Shining is pretty rad as is Misery.
    Thw Langoliers was fucking CRAP. It was so crappy I couldn’t even enjoy it as So Bad Its Good, and this is coming from a girl who likes most bad SyFy Original movies.
    I really also liked the adaption of “IT”, it was done quite well.
    And Pet Semetary is an awesome movie, I don’t care what anyone says. It’s creepy and an effective moral story. It’s almost something like a Greek tragedy really.
    And yes I even like the shit sequel with Dr. Green, the Kerrigan from Highlander, and John Connor.

  4. Love this episode only gripe i have is when you mentioned pet cemetery you didn’t mention the soundtrack,who doesn’t love the Ramones?

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