A Nightmare on Meh Street

A new trailer for the ANOES remake is out. It’s about two and a half minutes long, so it gives a decent amount of content for you to justify whether or not this will be worth a theater viewing.

It looks…really plain and ordinary to me. It looks like everything has been recycled, only this time with a bunch of generic “teen” actors. The footage of the death setups; the “classic” kills that are being remade; seems utterly uninspiring to me.

Oh, and I know everybody likes Jackie Earl Haley. He was phenomenal as Rorschach and I’ve been trying to give him the benefit of the doubt even as mounting evidence piles up that he’s going to suck as Freddy. I’m just going to say it: I hate the voice.Β  When he delivers that “I haven’t even cut you yet” line, I just cringed. Even his body language seems out of whack. It feels like his movements seem too robotic; telegraphed for “scariness”; instead of the more organic movements of Robert Englund.

If Freddy is not good, it’s game over. Freddy is not Leatherface, Michael Myers, or Jason. He’s not just a mindless killing machine with no personality. He’s an actual person. A pissed off person who brings cockiness, swagger, and fun to his role as a killer. He’s also not only a horror icon, but a cultural icon as well. Freddy Krueger is probably more popular and well known to the general public than the other three combined. And that’s because of Robert Englund and the charisma and all around awesomeness that he brought to the role. There’s a reason why the American Film Institute recognizes Freddy as one of the top 50 cinema villains of all-time. Think about that for a minute. Freddy Krueger has been honored as one of the greatest villains in the history of all cinema. Sure, horror fans take the character for granted, but there is a larger picture to the character that most people don’t even contemplate. You can always argue with lists, but just the fact that he made it on there is a testament to the power and impact that this character has had culturally. AFI is infamous for treating horror as not even worthy of their time and energy. In other words, getting Freddy right is essential.

In that sense, Jackie Earle Haley has no shot at meeting expectations.Β  I certainly hope that what has been shown in the trailers isn’t representative of what’s in the final product. I’m rooting for Haley, really, I am. But I’m getting warning signs everywhere that this will be an utter trainwreck. It’ll look slick, just like every Platinum Dunes production, but I’m worried that the filmmakers are going to totally miss the tone, atmosphere, and “realness” that makes not only Freddy, but the Nightmare films in general, work.

And the real disappointment is that Robert Englund is here. He could have remade his own role and brought it back to the first couple of movies, when Krueger was still seen as “scary”. Hell, if the filmmakers insisted on altering his voice, then they could have done so. Krueger sounds way more guttural and hellish in the first film because of the voice filters Craven put on him. He sounds nothing like he does in the later films. At least if they went that route, we’d still have Englund, who knows how to make Krueger move; to make his character come alive. So if Haley misses as Krueger, it’ll be even more bitter knowing that the real Krueger could have made the remake something interesting.

Right now, this whole thing looks like a big misfire. I’m hoping I’m wrong. But damn if I just can’t be anything but skeptical about what I’ve seen of Haley so far. What do you guys think?



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  1. My big gripe would be the same: Why not just use Englund himself? His age is largely irrelevent due to the makeup. I remember, on a sentimental level, I was disappointed that Kane Hodder wasn’t in Freddy Vs Jason but in truth it ended up not mattering – the Jason performance was fine. Freddy is different. Englund is Kruger, nobody else can live up to that.

    On the other hand, I like the look of the rest of the trailer and I’ve enjoyed the other PlatDunes stuff. I’ll definitely give it a chance. It should be cool to see high-quality modern fx applied to the dream sequences. People still rave about the “extend-o-arms” bit from the original movie. I’ve always thought it looked silly. Maybe that sort of stuff can be rendered more effectively.

  2. Humm… ya’ know, I just watched the trailer and besides the far to good looking kids and slick production quality, I liked what I saw. This is strange because I had no interest what so ever in the remake until now. In fact, even though I’ve seen every NOES film after the first in theaters, I’ve never cared much for the series; especially everything that came after THE DREAM MASTER.

    Yea, I’ll give props to Robert Englund for personifying the icon that is Freddy, but the new voice doesn’t seem to bother me. At least it sounds better than it did on that first trailer we got a couple of months ago.

  3. yeah, but you don’t count since you head up the Swedish Platinum Dunes Fan Club. Do you guys still give out Michael Bay stickers if you register?


  4. Hey! TCM remake was good, Friday the 13th remake was good and The hitcher remake was just dumb entertainment.

    Also, yes.

  5. Every one of the ANOES movies after the 1st (I’ll arguably accept parts 2 & 7) had some inherent silliness. I mean, how do you do anything more disrespectful to the character/franchise than some of the stuff we saw in Freddy’s Dead?

  6. Eh, still torn. This could go either way really, it’s hard to judge with a trailer. Robert Englund will always be Freddy, there’s no question about that but I’m willing to see if Haley can handle the role.

    The voice is a little weird, but I think they’re going for a more realistic Freddy. We know he was horribly burned in a fire, but I don’t think it was just his skin that was damaged. He barely moves his mouth when he speaks and his voice had a hiss like quality to it. That says damaged muscles and vocal chords to me.

    I may just be looking too far into it… but I’m not ready to condemn the movie just yet. I’m willing to let it spread it’s wings and fly before I shoot it down with my “HATE” cannon.

  7. The only problem I have so far with what I’ve seen are all the youngsters flooding the movie (especially that weird looking asshole from Jennifer’s Body). As for Freddy himself, I don’t really see a problem with him. His voice sounds deep and menacing so what’s wrong with it? I rather have him sound like this than his dumbass, “Har-Har-Har! You’re a little bitch!” with those big bugged out eyes he always had in the films after “Freddy’s Revenge”. The bad puns and one liners only got worse after “Dream Master”.

    Let’s face it, the later films of Jason and even Michael Myers were really bad but at least they had a really silly fun factor to them. The later Freddy films were just…plain bad. The way Freddy acted, talked, and all the stupid ass gags they gave him ruined Freddy as a whole for me. I’ll never get that image of Freddy and the powerglove out of my head. Bringing back Englund would’ve just made me want to go watch the original and not the remake. Bottom line, you can’t bring back Englund and make him menacing again after the later NOES films made him into a complete joke.

    This remake is most likely going to suck balls just because Rob Zombie made me rethink the idea of remakes as a whole. But all I can say is that as a new Freddy, Hayley looks and sounds OKAY. Even the “new look” of Freddy in “New Nightmare” looked a million times worse than this. I don’t see how anything new could hurt the franchise. As far as I’m concerned, I rather not see this remade at all but if they’re going to do it at least they can try to bring back some seriousness into Freddy.

    *sigh* T_T

  8. No matter how many times I view the trailer it just becomes shittier and shittier. Robert is Freddy, it does’nt matter how good or how bad the sequels were, Robert made this character and he should be the only one to play it no matter what his age is. To be honest, I hated Watchmen so therefore I do not care about Jackie Haley, not as a person or as an actor because of what I’ve read in interviews with him. this remake is going to fail epically.

  9. What many people fail to realize is that “campy Freddy” is actually the character that became insanely popular. That “silliness” that Englund brought to the character is part of what defines the character.

  10. You are right about that, MaT. He became poplar the same way the GHOST-RIDE in a traveling carnival is popular. Most people just want to have a fun ride when they go see a horror film; one that is both scary and fun. They don’t want to just have the poop scared out of them; they want to have the poop scared out of them and be able to laugh about it.

    Freddy, back in his heyday, did just that. He was safe horror. He was the clown prince of horror that might jump out and go boo, but would also tell you a joke to break the tension. That is why parents would let their eight year old kids wear T-shirts and carry lunch boxes with his face on them.

    Me, I don’t mind a sense of humor coming from Freddy, but I would prefer it to be very, very, very dark.

  11. I guess I’m not a big fan of goofball Freddy because I wasn’t around to see those flicks as they were released. I saw them as a kid (early/mid 90’s) at home. Still, I’m sure most consider Halloween, F13, and NOES the leaders of the slasher genre, but if I was to rank my top 20 or something, Freddy would probably be around 7th next to someone like Chucky. I’d put My Bloody Valentine & even Rutger Hauer from The Hitcher in front of him.

    “This boy feels the need for speed!” πŸ˜†

  12. Mat your becoming more & more like Stevie Poo Everyday & thats not good. You Dont seem to like anything in the horror Genre lately unless its Foreign. The Trailer Made Freddy look scary again & really his voice isnt that bad. Now Before all the Millions of Mat Fans Gut me like a fish I understand its your Opinion but I think your a bit Harsh on some of these movies. They all arent going to Be Masterpieces. Now Simmer down before We tie you up & force you to watch H2 for 72 Hours Straight LOL

  13. I get less and less excited about this the more trailers I see. Although, Haley as Freddy isn’t bothering me. Recreating scenes from the original bothers me. It’s the same problem I had with Zombie’s Halloween – he changed so much, yet borrowed/copied just as much from the original.

    And I prefer ‘Nightmeh on Elm Street’

  14. This is why i hate horror fans. Everyone is always hating on shit they haven’t seen. “OMG THIS IS GOING TO SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.” Give the movie a fucking chance.

  15. Borp, I guess there should be no such thing as trailers, right?

    Newty28: the trailer sucks. Plain and simple. And what are these foreign films you speak of? Paranormal Activity? House of the Devil? Deadgirl? Coraline? Surveillance? Carriers? Do I need to keep going?

    Have any of you people even read the post I made? I said I’m “rooting for Haley” and that “I hope I’m wrong”. That is hardly hating on the film before I’ve seen it. But the studio puts out a trailer with the intention that said trailer is designed TO MAKE THE MOVIE LOOK GOOD. If I see the trailer and it sucks, then well, I’m going to say it.

    bunch of whiners up in this shit πŸ™‚

  16. Yes i read your post. But you are nitpicking the shit out of this trailer. Along with everyone else. It seems like no one is going to give this movie benefit of the doubt.

    It seems like most of the people here are already going in to it thinking that it will suck so they are not even going to give it a chance.

  17. One thing about foreign horror films is the fact that the actors cast in most of them look like they could be your next door neighbors – in other words, they’re films that are populated by real people. Whereas with Platinum Dunes, everybody looks like they’re torn straight from the pages of Maxim magazine. And that’s something that takes me out of the film every single time. It’s akin to watching a horror movie set in the “Last Action Hero” universe! When I see the trailer to NOES, it feels like every other PD film to date: The same slick, generic MTV style look, with a bunch of Megan Fox wannabes running around in it. *sigh*

    The one redeeming thing about this remake for me was the casting of Jackie Earl Haley! When I first heard thew news of him being cast I was ecstatic, as I thought about his creepy role as the child molester in “Little Children” and could see him making a much darker Freddy than we got in the latter sequels (“New Nightmare” aside). But this trailer doesn’t really give me a strong sense of his take on the character and in a way it almost feels watered down compared to Englund’s – which would be fitting if the rumors are true that (slight spoiler) his Freddy was innocent of the crimes he was accused of and is back for revenge.

    I’m hoping this turns out to be a great flick and makes up for the multitude of shitty remakes we’ve had to endure over the last ten years. But looking at this trailer, I’m just not feeling it.

  18. My initial feeling after watching the trailer is that I just don’t care. Why should I go see this when I can just watch the original? As for the voice, well, it just sounds like a variation of the voice he did for Rorschach. Not very interesting.

  19. Freddy looks pretty cool to me. He doesn’t look too different from classic Freddy but just different enough to make it something new.

    I predict I’m going to have the same problem as I did with F13 remake. Jason was cool, but the movie was baaad. I have my hopes up, but I’m also ready for the highly expected disappointment. Still, it’ll be better than having an 8 foot tall monster who eventually becomes a pussy…..and THAT my friends was my shot at Rob Zombie in this post. ZING!

  20. Borp, it feels that in your ideal world, people would watch a trailer and either never speak about how they feel about it, or only do so in positive terms.

    Don’t be silly, of course I’m going to give this film a chance. I’ve never said I wouldn’t. But you can’t expect a fan of the ANOES series to just ignore what they don’t like with the remake trailer. It just looks bad to me. I hope it turns out great. I hope I’m wrong. But my reaction to that trailer is “This looks totally bland and uninteresting and I don’t like the direction they’ve taken with Freddy”. Those are totally valid criticisms to an extended trailer designed to create interest in the product.

  21. I agree with Borp WAY to much nitpicking these days on everything but the Splattercast is still going to win the Wishmaster Challenge

  22. So you’d be totally cool with his voice sounding like Bambi? How about we give him Gonzo’s voice? I bet he’d be absolutely terrifying then!

    yes, the sound of his voice matters. Especially if they are trying to “remake” him into a frightening character. It’s hard to be terrifying if your voice sounds bad to an audience.

  23. Yes! That would be sweet.

    Anyways this is stupid. Let’s start fighting when the movie actually comes out πŸ™‚

  24. The script sucks awful. There’s no big fancy death scene, and the final showdown between Ferdy and Nancy is basically a fist fight. Would of liked to have seen Robert Englund’s pre-quel get made. Don’t worry though, in 20 years I’ll remake it again and do it right.

  25. Ive said it before but for alot of us robert means to us 30 somethings as much as boris karloff meant for frankenstein and kids wearing masks (and largely still do wear karloff masks despite other frankenstein actors). Nightmare helped alot of teens feel normal that were picked on growing up as the teens were heroes, something rare in slasher/horror movies. Jackie who I respect in watchmen, laughably i was kind of getting my hopes up until I heard the voice for.

    Making a sequel isnt rocket science (moviemakers stop removing great music from your franchises and they wont tank (cough startrek,bond,terminator) and be pale immatations of thier former selves. rebooting is a no brainer (should be easier than a sequel).

    Making a reboot is something you do 50 years after a movie has done (some can be done right, when the movie is sucky or dated like the thing and the fly) and is always done well when respect to the original and cast and fans is played (this obviously wasnt).

    Im waiting for the star wars episode 5 a new hope remake in dread. All i can say is micheal bay..you poor dumb bastard.

  26. nightmare isnt dated nor needing. filmmakers need to learn remaking a five star movie is unnecesasary. sequel great movies dont remake them.

  27. Haleys a great dude,but he shoudlve known better..EVERYONE should have. This is all about Platinum shitbomb trying to make bank. maybe they actually think theyre doing SOMETHING..I feel bad for them if so. Brad fuller deserves to mouth a bowl full of dog shit for ruining classics as he has..but ESPECIALLY this one, youre right its not even in the same ball field as the others.. but the number one and WORST mistake of all was not having robert in the picture,thinking they could do it without robert and thinking they could just have their own freddy..IT DOESNT WORK LIKE THAT. everyones idea of Freddy is Robert BECAUSE HE IS FREDDY. all anyone will do in that theater is sit there and compare..and babes, this haley boy wont even come close. and a personal beef with me from this ‘trailer’, they made freddy seem like a little bitch..crying and running..W T F!? FREDDY IS NOTHING LIKE THIS 55 YEAR OLD PUSSY GUIDANCE COUNSELOR KID TOUCHER thing theyve made..i want to barf. Freddy is evil,yet funny..which makes it sexy..and scary all at the same time.. im hoping this will be the remake to end platinum dunes shitty money making run of ruining our horror movies.. this was a huge huge mistake on their part.

  28. Fuck this movie it is not A Nightmare on Elm street. I new this day would come and here it is in all it’s vomit. Try to make a buck much? It is such a slap in the face to Robert Englund. Freddy fans WAKE UP its not Freddy do not support this movie. The sky is blue,the grass is green and Robert Englund is Freddy Krueger thats just the way it is.——–Floyd Freels

  29. WHY THE FUCK WOULD ANYONE EVEN THINK OF GOING TO SEE THIS MOVIE. You know its going to suck so dont wast your money. Half of you are even saying it looks bad SO DONT GO SEE IT!!!!!!! Dont be a sucker. Thats what they are counting on people saying it looks bad but im still going to see it. If it makes money then they win, why cant you see that. This movie has already been remade ITS CALLED WES CRAVEN’S NEW NIGHTMARE. SO WHYYYYYYYY DO IT AGAIN?????????——- Please boycott this movie. —–Floyd Freels

  30. Not only is Freddy’s voice stupid but the kids voices are even worse. Why do they have a lisp ??? GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD why is this real, why why why??? It just sucks so bad that it will be a part of A Nightmare on Elm Street now. I wish i had money so i could talk to Wes Craven and Robert Englund and we could make a prequel. Now thats what the fans really want. I know some of you are just happy to see Freddy again BUT ITS NOT FREDDY, ITS NOT ELM STREET keep telling your self that then maybe you will get it. Please do not support this shit, do not go see it.——Floyd Freels

  31. Who wants to make a bet that Floyd is going to watch this movie anyway for a full movie ticket price? πŸ˜€

  32. Platinum Dunes should have gotten rid of the glove. It’s so played out. It’s a remake, give Freddy a new weapon.

  33. Floyd you are a prime example of my argument. Most horror fans are stupid and they aren’t going to give the movie a fair chance (I’m not saying that’s you Mat).

  34. Wow the bulk of you people don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, but I’m not really surprised, because I highly doubt that any of you are actually old enough to remember Freddy during his heyday.

    Here’s the facts, kids, Freddy has always been funny. His humor evolved as his power and control over the dreamscape grew. Yet he was cracking jokes, putting on Tina masks, and playing prank phone calls in the first movie. Freddy wasn’t “ruined” by the sequels, his character just got more screen time. Robert Englund had a blast playing Freddy in “Freddy’s Dead”, so the whole thing about that being an embarrassment is utterly laughable.

    PD’s script for this movie is awful, what we’ve seen of Hayley’s performance is nothing special, and I’d take “Freddy’s Dead” in 3D with extra Dream Demon scenes over this steaming pile of garbage any day. The whole, “oh this doesn’t look so bad, at least it’ll be better than the last movies,” mentality that you guys use is so stupid. It’s not hard to find out what happens in this movie. Google the shooting script. (Yes the shooting script that they used on filming, not the early version of the script that featured Goth Nancy and Freddy with a jar of bugs.) It’s an awful script. PD has no concept of how to recreate Freddy Krueger whatsoever, and they’ve failed. The trailer, to me, is nothing more than confirmation that what I read in the script will be in the movie…and that is all I need to know to avoid this.

  35. I gotta admit the trailers do you look pretty underwhelming. Im more worried about the reshoots and the bad comments from early test screenings.

  36. I just hope they can get The Fat Boys on the soundtrack for the remake. Sure, at least one of them is dead, but they can use computers and shit to get around that.

  37. @Evil Meanie – I think me and Borp are the only youngsters in this forum, and I’m 23 this year… :[

  38. I made an assumption on your ages based on the fact that some of you talk like you’ve never seen a Nightmare on Elm Street movie in your lives. I assumed that thinking that Freddy being funny was “ruining” the character was a hypothesis that some of you were arriving at due to a lack of experience with the Freddy Franchise. However, apparently some of you are “pretty fucking old”, so what on earth is your excuse for having such a complete lack of understanding when it comes to the character of Fred Krueger?

  39. @Evil MEanie

    While Freddy may have joked around in the first film, I didn’t really find any of it to be funny; it was sick more than anything, not slapstick as in the later films.

  40. @Evil Meanie – Pretty sure I was the only one who HATES “funny” (because he’s not to me) Freddy. I stand by it. Like I said, I wasn’t around for the huge Freddy blowup in the 80’s. When I saw the Freddy movies I was slowly getting into the genre. I was watching the “Halloween” movies and from there moving into deeper stuff like “Maniac” thanks to my older brother. Watching something gory like “The Beyond” and then popping in a Nightmare movie to see Freddy deliver lame-ass puns just put me in the mood of, “Okaaaay…let’s watch something more serious.” I’m not bashing on the guy. I understand he’s an icon to the genre (I love NOES 1-3), but after that I simply just don’t care about his bad puns. Kris basically put into words what I’ve been meaning to say.

    Honestly, whatever. Just because I’m a fan of the genre doesn’t mean I’m going to worship fucking Freddy. It has nothing to do with age or who got to suck off Englund in the 80’s, it’s just a matter of personal taste.

  41. Okay, first: they killed Freddy off in the last movie, so there can’t be another sequel. They’ll have to reboot it.
    next: this movie is going to bank big time, just like all the other shitty remakes. Nothing you can say or do is going to stop that. To some posters I’ve read here and elsewhere, do you really think your posts are doing something about it?
    and finally: the remakes aren’t always bad; just usually. If I mention The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, you’d better assume that I mean the original. I would have said “remake” had that been what I was talking about, and it would be unlikely that I’d mention that piece of crap.
    I’m going to give that ANOES remake a try. I mean, why not? I’ll probably have all kinds of problems with it, and then I can lump it in with all of the others. Certainly not high on the priority list to see, but I’m just a big Freddy fan. Mat, I understand what you mean, but have you never felt violated like this before? Not picking on you here.

  42. If I’m buttraped by Michael Bay once a week, I’m certainly not going around giving everyone the nasty details each time.

  43. violated? I’m not sure what you’re getting at.

    All I was doing was making a commentary that the trailer looked stupid to me. Freddy looks and sounds retarded to me. I’m not sure why so many people are up in arms about this.

    It’s like some of you are on the Platinum Dunes payroll, or something πŸ™‚

  44. @Sykodjiuia

    Freddy has been “killed off” in every entry of the Elm Street series. Why should that stop them from making another sequel now? And seriously, how ridiculous is it to argue with someone over their impressions of a fucking trailer?

  45. Well, from the number of posts this topic has received, I’m going to go out on a limb and say, even if the film sucks it’s going to have a huge opening weekend.

    Haven’t seen this much interest in a horror film in a long time.

  46. No, no arguement. Just that studios have been making garbage remakes for a long time, so more garbage shouldn’t be a surpise. Yeah, whenever one of these movies are released and they suck, people will have bitching parades, a lot of the time complaining about how they feel betrayed and on and on; often there will be literal comparisons between the original and remake.

    I’m not arguing with MaT here, or anyone else. I only wish that these shit-splatter studio efforts were disregarded rather than reviled over and over again at length each time. I don’t want to think about them in comparison to their originals (especially if I appreciate the original). I’d rather watch that original whenever I want, disregard the remake and the entire stink people have made over it.

    That, and I’m going to see this movie when it’s released. I don’t have much in the way of expectations and if I don’t like it, I’ll disregard it as well. I won’t revisit it, and if anyone asks I can let them know that it sucked. What’s the point of going any further than that?

  47. The problem with your argument to “disregard” remakes is that there are, literally, hundreds of examples of Hollywood making great remakes.

    Hollywood has been remaking its own movies and properties since it started. And some of the best movies ever are remakes (including horror movies, by the way).

    So I think criticism of a remake is perfectly justifiable when there are so many examples of superb remakes out there. It’s one of those things where disappointment is created precisely because so many people KNOW it can be done properly.

  48. I’m going to wait till I see the movie until I give it final judgement HOWEVER this latest trailer isn’t all that great. Unlike the teaser we got last year this trailer doesn’t make me want to go watch that teaser did.
    Then again both Platimum Dunes Texas Chainsaw and Friday The 13th remakes were pretty good, this film could be wosre, Rob Zombie could be directing it.

  49. All I want to add to all this is something I’m still trying to get people to keep in mind with the Saw series:

    This remake is not being marketed toward horror fans. There really aren’t that many of us, not in terms of returns on films costing millions of dollars to make.

    The original Nightmares, Fridays, and Halloweens made money by bringing in general audiences that don’t normally see horror movies regularly.

    Why do you think PD is remaking all the highest profile films?

    Sure, the horror fans are money in the bank for this, I’ll probably rent the DVD out of curiosity, but it’s not about fandom in the least.

    I’m going to give Platinum Dunes one more chance with this. If it’s also as bad as most of their other remakes have been, I’m not going to watch any more of their films. There’s no prejudice here, I gave them plenty of chances. It’s about track records.

    Same with Asylum. They burned me too many times, they’re not getting my money anymore. I don’t care about any sort of boycott, I’m an audience member and a consumer; if I don’t like what I paid for, I don’t buy it anymore.

  50. All I want to add to all this is something I’m still trying to get people to keep in mind with the Saw series:

    This remake is not being marketed toward horror fans. There really aren’t that many of us, not in terms of returns on films costing millions of dollars to make.

    I like your take on this, Larry. Who is this new ANOES movie “for?” It’s for teenagers and college kids going out on a date. It’s for the same person who was excited by Transformers 2. This trailer looks, to me, like it’ll hit that mark just fine.

    The Bay Transformers movies traded on a property that was well-known and well-loved and, strangely, were immensely successful despite not really being at all true to their rich IP.

    So, I guess I’m saying: PlatDunes is the Transformers of the horror genre. Accept it. Sure, don’t buy the tickets if you’re offended/disappointed by that notion, but it is what it is.

    At least Shia LeBouf isn’t in the flick.

  51. You can make the argument that every Hollywood horror remake targets the “general population” over the horror fan niche. That’s pretty obvious, really.

  52. Ugh, I totally agree with ya.
    This New Freddy is gonna suck…
    Not even wasting my money on that piece of trash,
    if I ever want to see it, I’ll just wait for the piece of shit to show on TV for free. >.< In a year or Two. : ]

  53. Hollywood caters to the general population….shocking! πŸ™‚

    Also breaking: The sun is hot.

  54. Im sorry im a man of my word i will never watch this movie (teen*idol). I love A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). Its not that im not giving the remake a chance (Borpe) the movie has already been remade its called Wes Cravens New Nightmare it came out in 1994. So why do it again ? I like how you called horror movie fans stupid. I guess we are mindless sheep thats why we are always talking about movies and having so much concern about who directs them and so on. I guess we should just shut up (sn4tch) and go see what they tell us to see and not what we want to see because we are so stupid. Im sorry but no one can play Freddy Krueger other the Robert Englund.———— Love Floyd Freels. p.s. Fuck off !!!

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