Monday Morning Music on a Sunday Evening

Splatcademy Award voting has officially closed. If you were waiting until 11:59 pm Central Time to get your votes in, well, tough. It’s March 1st in the Atlantic Ocean somewhere.

Now comes the grind: editing this massive behemoth of a show over the next week. Good grief. Hopefully it will be all you ever asked for in life.

One more thing, I won’t be editing the Joe Bob segment until the very end, probably next weekend, so we still encourage you to leave a voicemail comment for Joe Bob. It could be as simple as “Hey, this is x and I love Joe Bob!”, or you can give some thoughts and memories of Monstervision or whatever. Say hi to Joe Bob: 206-350-9636

We’ve also got some acceptance speeches that I think a lot of you will find pretty cool…



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