The Blackfoot Lounge: The Forest w/ Gary Kent interview

The Blackfoot Lounge is finally here! The newest podcast to join the Dead Lantern banner, BL is a show devoted to discussing the most obscure and seemingly inconsequential 80’s slashers. Join us, won’t you?

Episode 1: The Forest (1982) d. Don Jones.

Stick around after our discussion of the film to listen to a fascinating and story laden interview with star and frequent Don Jones collaborator Gary Kent!

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I tip my hat to Professor Bleak and bugsyoz for coming up with some anagrams today in the IRC chat. I think we should use these as our pen names, or as our “Alan Smithee.” 🙂

Addle Tanner

Darla Denten

Neal Dantred

Dean Letrand

Randal N Deet

A Dental Nerd