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  1. A new episode at long last!
    I too hate poorly done hard sci-fi GAK! Far to often writers find a stack of moldering tech manuals in the back of some book store and think to themselves “AH HA! Here’s a cutting edge idea!” only to pour out half understood jargon filled dialog in a plot cobbled together from wired magazine clippings and one of those “___for Dummies” books. to call this episode a failure is to serve an injustice to all the genuine failures: Deaver’s Blue Nowhere and Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress come to mind. Sigh. At least the computer’s in those train wrecks never “attained sentience” and tried to electrocute their makers [>_<]-(DOH!)
    The season gets better.
    Good episodes are out there.

  2. Thanks for the comment DB, glad we weren’t the only ones who didn’t like it! Rest assured, ICE will be coming shortly

    Waffler, I’ll pester Jeff to update the iTunes RSS as I don’t have access to that myself

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