AV Club piece on MST3K

Good read: AV Club piece on Mystery Science Theater 3000. I like the stuff toward the bottom of the article, after all the video embeds.

The Joel/Mike dynamic persists today in the trashier areas of popular culture, where it’s often hard to tell whether people are deriving genuine pleasure from the “so-bad-it’s-good,” or they just have grouchier dispositions, and find it easier to respond with an attitude of superiority and contempt. There’s nothing wrong with the latter, necessarily. Bile can be a valid, necessary response to the world. It’s just not my preference. When friends ask why I haven’t seen The Room yet, my answer is that while I’m sure the collective audience experience surrounding Room screenings is a lot of fun, there’s something a little off-putting about manufactured “Let’s go see something awful together” moments. I’m not stoked about Birdemic. I don’t want to eat a Double Down. I’m not into Jersey Shore. I’m not immune to the joys of junk; I’ve eaten plenty of lousy fast food on purpose, and if I hear from a friend that a movie is spectacularly crummy, I’ll make a point to watch it. But when I get the sense that people are gathering en masse to smirk at something, it isn’t as charming.

Good thoughts, except the KFC Double Down is totally legit. Dude’s buggin’ on that one.