Splattercast #178

Splattercast #178 is up.

We’ve got quick hits on Blood: The Last Vampire and Survival of the Dead, plus our first batch of formspring questions and a great singing review of Lo from Deejay. Please excuse the audio glitching early in the show, it seems to clear up after a while.



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  1. From everything I hear, Lost ended pretty piss-poorly and it ended very similiarly to BBC series Ashes to Ashes and honestly, it seems to be the consensus that Ashes did it better and I will concur.
    And if you guys haven’t seen Life Of Mars (UK version, not the shite US version) and its sequel series Ashes to Ashes YOU VERY MUCH SHOULD. It’s not long really, Life on Mars runs two seasons/series with 8 episodes each and Ashes ran for 3 at 8 eps. each.
    I think you guys should give it a try. I’m sure Life on Mars is on Netflix and possibly some of A2A. I know BBC America is showing Series 2 now.
    The nice thing about LoM and Ashes is that its short compared to American series and everything ends up being connected wonderfully and important as everything was planned from get-go and not fly by seat of your pants ending (I LOOK AT YOU BATTLESTAR GALACTICA)
    I could never get into Lost.

    And yes, Sliders was fantastic originally and then just ended so terrible. I think it was the move to SciFi and loss of Jerry O Connell. Fox is quite terrible to its science fiction shows.

  2. I wrote more then that, and also I did ask about my cinemas money back policy and they stated as soon as you sit down you can’t have your money back.

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