Splattercast #176: A Nightmare on Steve and Jeff’s Lame Street

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Steve and Jeff debate with Mat and Bryan over the merits of the new ANOES remake. Meanwhile, Deejay chimes in with his comments on the first 80 minutes of the movie…

We’re back. Weekly. Deal with it podcast bitches.

Are Platinum Dunes remakes actually popular?

After all the slurpage of how great the new Elm Street is, it went nuclear in it’s 2nd weekend, dropping 72% of it’s business. If you know anything about box office numbers you know that’s a truly awful drop, even amongst horror films. But still, that isn’t as bad as PD’s Friday the 13th remake which dropped a mind numbing 80% during it’s 2nd week. Obviously, audiences sure aren’t warming to these films. Even the PD apologists have to look at these diminishing returns and question their “popularity” don’t they? I mean, maybe when people say these movies suck, it’s just not possible to hide behind the “non-hardcore horror fans love them” conventional wisdom. These films simply get people in the door the first weekend based on their names and then vanish into the night. Unlike something like Paranormal Activity, which actually connected with horror and non-horror fans and grossed over 100 million dollars over the course of months.

I’m about to head off to work, but I hope to write up a lengthier post on this topic, perhaps tonight. I’ll leave the question to you guys for now:

Is Platinum Dunes actually popular or do they just make a buck off of the name?

Survival of the Dead….any good?

There were no screenings of Survival of the Dead at TFW. Hell, even though Carpenter was there, there was nary a mention of The Ward. Sort of surprising to me.

I’m about to sit down and watch Survival of the Dead. Land and Diary were pretty awful so I’m hoping this one is a return to form. I’ve heard both good and bad things. Any of you seen it? Maybe I’ll talk about it on Monday’s Splattercast if we haven’t killed each other over the ANOES remake.

Here goes nothin’!

ANOES, today, at 1

I’ve been hearing a lot about the new Elm Street. The overwhelming vibe at TFW was scorn. I’m talking “Grab your pitchforks and torches” scorn and descend upon the creators houses. While in line to see John Carpenter (yeah, we met him. Be jealous.) a couple dudes in front of us used the wait time to launch into a scathing critique. Claims of a CG Freddy, excruciating acting, and laughable CG fx were pretty common throughout the con. Tim Sullivan, director of 2001 Maniacs and the upcoming 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams, made pretty cruel jokes about it during his Q&A. Currently, the film is sitting pretty with a 16% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I’ve been gone for much of the past week so I don’t know the vibe of the podcasting community but from the few facebook status updates I’ve seen….it isn’t loved, let’s just say that.

Then we have Jeff and Steve. Steve’s been slurping this film like he just found out Julian Sands piss tastes like Dr. Pepper. Jeff…well Jeff likes everything, so I’m not sure what that means. And to be fair, they aren’t alone out there. Though ANOES has a 16% RT rating, it goes up considerably when you view the community rating: a slightly under fresh 58%.

So who is right? Is the new Elm Street a piece of junk or is it the new Wolfman, a really good film with some flaws but that doesn’t deserve the hatorade?

Everyone assumes I’ll hate it. We’ll see what happens come 1pm today…