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  1. This was a really good pair of movies for compare and contrast.
    And god, the Halloween and JAWS hate still hurts my soul. But alas.
    Good show, boys!

  2. Another great show, and thanks for the shout-out.
    I do need to point out that Western Australia is indeed a state, its the left third of Australia, the part with all the iron ore and the like.

  3. Have only listened to the 1st half of the show so far (waiting to watch Peeping Tom before I finish the ep), but as a response to Mat’s comments on why anyone would ever watch something like Saw instead of Psycho: I think the main issue would be the ability of the casual audience to relate to the world of the earlier film. I would wager that it is simply easier for a modern audience to relate to cinema that they feel more reflects their current world. The typical B & W film may have stagey acting or set-bound environments that just feel ‘off’ to the average viewer. Not saying it’s how people should react, but just that it could be a possible explanation.

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