How can this movie possibly not suck?

So… trailer for Paranormal Activity 2. Yeesh, this looks terrible. Is that a demon/ghost standing there in his gym clothes or something?

Bonus: An actual comment from this video’s YouTube page…



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  1. I’ll tell ya’ how. The story is based around an awesome-ass dog, named Roscoe, that does everything in it’s power to protect a tiny baby from hordes of jumpsuit wearing ghost/demons. Plus, the dogs internal monologue is voiced by Bruce Willis doing his best John McClain since the original DIE HARD.

    That’s how it wouldn’t suck.

  2. If I could post a pic, I would post my Agent Smecker “Bitch, please.” icon right about now.

  3. If anyone wants a decent film similiar to Paranormal Avtivity film they should check out the British made Ghostwatch. That’s actually been banned from British TV.

    @Brian – Didn’t they plan a 3rd film?

    @Explodey Jo – They should make it and have the plot be about some kids going missing in the woods and all they find is their camera LOL!

    But yes this does look awful. God help us if this becomes the next Saw franchise.

  4. Honestly, I’m with Borp here. This looks alright. I mean, we can’t rally tell much from this teaser, but what is there did give me a glimmer of hope. That being said, the film makers have a tall hill to climb. We’ll see.

  5. Oh, apparently the trailer is being pulled from theaters because it’s too “SCARRY” for some moms and their kids. Sounds like the marketing machine’s wheels are turning to me. “THE MOVIE WITH A TRAILER SO SCARY IT WAS PULLED FROM THEATERS!”

  6. I love Borp, but I DO worry about him sometimes! 😉

    Just the slick production values alone will kill any chance this film has of trying to reproduce what the first film did so successfully, in my opinion. And what worked so well in the first film is what you DIDN’T see – if they have Katie or someone else in human form, running around killing people in this film, forget it.

    Although I do have to say two things in it’s defense:

    1) I HATED “Blair Witch 2” when it first came out for much of the same reasons. But after watching it again on DVD, I actually saw a whole different film underneath the surface and found it to be a much more intelligent offering than I initially gave it credit for.

    And 2) I’d much rather see something like this getting made (even though I think it has a snowball’s chance of being any good) than more “Saw” films – hands down!

  7. I rather watch the Twilight films than this..

    …than again, I enjoy the Twilight flicks quite a bit 😉

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