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  1. Ill agree with what you guys said about inception, solid film, after everyone had hyped it up to me (only managed to see it tonight) i was worried it would be a dissapointment like avatar. People do seem to be making it out as hard to follow, which, now that ive seen it, makes me wonder about them… The gold star comment was spot on. A friend of mine said it was, and i quote ‘an absolute MINDFUCK’ and i think im going to have to slap them the next time i see them. Also the end, to me, was a bit of a copout.

  2. The intent of the end was to “incept” the audience with the question of whether or not this is reality. I realize it was a bit heavy handed but would anyone but film nerds be asking the question of whether or not it was reality if it hadn’t ended that way?

  3. I think I got that, but my “thing” with Inception possibly having a twist where it’s all a dream is that… it would change pretty much nothing. So, the whole thing was a dream, or Cobb is still in a dream at the end… his character’s arc is still the same: He comes to terms with the loss of his wife and reunites with his children. That was what he needed to do at the beginning, and that’s what he accomplished by the end.

    Whether it was all a dream or not… it’s irrelevant. It’s sort of like, what’s in the briefcase in Pulp Fiction? It’s fun to wonder about, but it’s not all that relevant, in that nothing about the movie would really change even if you had a concrete answer.

    So… I certainly don’t begrudge anyone pondering the movie, or what the last beat means – that’s the fun of movies! I’m just saying, I don’t see how anything that happens in the movie is changed, at all, either way.

  4. I agree, Jeff. I think it would have been cool if the camera had followed Cobb when he went to see his kids’ faces while you can hear the top spinning in the background.

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