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The House at the End of Time
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The Ethicacy of The Flappening
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Never Again
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Johnny Cash and Syphilis

Monthly Archives: August 2010


Splattercast #192: Casey Affleck beats the shit out of Jessica Alba

Available now! This week, the Dead Lantern Triumvirate (Matius Caesar, Pompeius Jeffus, and Deejus Crassus) tackle the inherent contradictions of the “Found Footage” subgenre of horror. Do the contradictions inherent within the subgenre itself change how we look at them and “judge” them? Oh, and as an added bonus, the audio quality seems to be […]

Video Nasties: Maniac (1980)

I warned you not to go out tonight… It’s been a year to the day, and I finally get a chance to sit down and continue with my Video Nasties project. I have to say, despite my recently bitching about watching movies on-demand on my PC, this method actually works quite well for review purposes. […]

Blackfoot Lounge #9: Aerobicide and Psycho II

Download Episode 9 This week, Mat is nipple deep in Outpost Doom groupie tail and just couldn’t make it to the show. Apparently, Derrick quit seconds before the show was to start so Chris and Shawn are left to their own devices. Below the fold, contest winner Thuraya rocking her Blackfoot Lounge prize! Blackfoot Lounge: […]

When you hear Chris and Shawn complain on the next Blackfoot….

…Just remember who actually purchased Killer Workout in addition to watching it! p.s. Context: I was unable to be on the last Blackfoot Lounge, in which I had selected Killer Workout as the film to watch, leaving Chris and Shawn to struggle through it on their own. I shed no tears. Man up, boys! haha