The Gates of Hell on History Channel Tonight

There’s a show tonight on the History Channel (7pm central time) about the Gates of Hell. According to my DVR, some scholars investigate 6 locations alleged to be the actual entrances to Hell. Sounds pretty cool. Check it out if you got time. It’s also being replayed later this evening in case you miss the premiere.

Gates of Hell

There are six places on Earth believed to be actual entrances into Hell. They include a volcano in Iceland, a cave in the jungles of Central America, and a lake of fire in Africa. According to ancient myth and Christian legend, each is a passage to a terrifying underworld for the damned. Even today, some believe they are still portals. Eerily, they share striking similarities. We’ll visit these six locations, and along the way, reveal how the concept of Hell emerged in history and why it still evokes fear today.



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  1. I cannot get the history channel anymore on my cable the provider removed their any other way to watch this? I really miss the history channel.thanks!

  2. um, trying to remember…. The woods of Salem Massachusetts. The Necromanteion. A Mayan cave. A couple volcanoes, one in Central America and one in Iceland. And um….a lake of fire in Africa.

  3. The Lake of Fire in Africa is Erta Ale, a volcano in Ethiopia. The one in Iceland is Mt. Hetla or Hekla.

    There’s also St. Patrick’s Purgatory in Loch Derg. I think the Mayan one was in Mexico, and it was supposed to be Shebulba. I know they mentioned Nicaragua on the show, but I, too, tuned in late. Does anyone know what the Nicaraguan gate was? The Summery also mentioned Japan and Italy. Anyone know what those gates were?

  4. There was mentin on the show of the Egyptian map to the underworld. Do you know what that is called?

  5. I only got the tail end of it and would love to have a copy of this documentary, can someone please tell me where I can view it or at least get the DVD…thanks

  6. I saw ther whole thing. They were:
    Mayan- Shebulba
    Iceland- Volcano
    Greece- Underwater caves that lead to Hades
    Ireland- St. Peter’s Purgatory
    Africa- The lake of fire (volcanic pooled lava)
    South America-Volcano

  7. Okay, the list of the Gates are:
    Masaya in Nicaragua (La Boca del Infierno)
    Xibalba in Belize
    Etra Ale in Ethiopia
    Mt. Hekla in Iceland
    St. Patricks’s Purgatory in Lough Derg
    The Gates in Greece are: Cape Tenaron near Pelaponnese
    Lake Avernus, Bay of Naples
    Lake Acheron in NW Greece

  8. HI all wanted to place a few of my thoughts out there, yes i know there is a place prepared for satan and his demons.
    What i wanted to clear up was some statements made,Jesus preached to those held captive for manys years and those that belived went with him it was there choice.
    There’s other thing there is no blood in hell the body of people are not there only spirits and and souls which we will call the mind and memory of that person.
    Yes many will want to die on earth and those in hell will want to as well even though there dead because of the torment, but neither will be able to because Jesus Christ would have destroyed death, there fore no more death only pain. What is holding back evil at its fullest in the Holy Spirit and this is only to protect real Christians.
    There was something said by a James long from old catholic church which is false and that being that you can talk to someone dead.
    We alive can’t go there and they can’t come here but demons do step in and know all about the person gone and will give you information on that person this is what keeps and has increased the paranormal seekers. There was another sataement made that there was no talk of pain are torment read Rev 14:9-12.
    I will leave you with this you are a spirit you live in a body and have a soul are mind, your eyes and ears are the gate way to your spirit and mind what you take in gives life are death. Jesus made a way There are millions of born again Christians around the world, what did we all have in common before that nothing at all mostly. What made us all become one in Jesus Christ ?? joining a church NO> book club NO> fan club NO> was smiple seeing that the bible said things like For God so Loved the world He sent Jesus to die for you then a prayer to God telling him you are sorry for messing up in life and want forgiveness and you will trun away from the things that are unpleasing to God. Then God will send the Holy Spirit into your spirit so you know all is ok now and you will be with him in Heaven forever when you die, if you dont you will die alone and fall into a place were God tryed to keep you from.

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