Blackfoot Lounge #9: Aerobicide and Psycho II

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This week, Mat is nipple deep in Outpost Doom groupie tail and just couldn’t make it to the show. Apparently, Derrick quit seconds before the show was to start so Chris and Shawn are left to their own devices. Below the fold, contest winner Thuraya rocking her Blackfoot Lounge prize!

Blackfoot Lounge: where podcasters go to die! haha

Listener Thuraya sent in a photo of herself wearing her prize, a classic Houston Oilers cap that was held up in Canadian customs for weeks! I think this was from the Girls Nite Out contest…but I don’t remember, because I wasn’t on that show 🙂 Congrats, Thuraya!



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  1. I haven’t had a chance to listen to the podcast, so I don’t know if you go into the controversy surrounding the production of Psycho II and the writing of the novel by Robert Bloch. If not, here is a bit of the tale.

    After he was screwed over by his an agent, Bloch had toiled with the idea of writing a sequel to his book for years. You see, the studio agent negotiating the original deal had hidden the fact that it was Hitchcock that wanted to produce a film version of Psycho and bought the rights away at a bargain price. And even though Hitchcock had asked the agent if Bloch would be available to write the screenplay and Block asked if the people buying the rights might want him to write it, the agent said no. The agent wanted someone else that he represented to write the film and undercut Bloch’s involvement. To screw Bloch even further, the agent had put in a clause that allowed the studio to make sequels without having to pay Bloch a dime.

    When Psycho II went into production, Bloch decided it was time to write his own sequel. His work and the film have nothing in common. Bloch’s Psycho II takes place on the set of a film that is being made about Norman Bates and the events that took place in the first novel/movie. (Sound like Scream 3 to anyone else). At the beginning of the novel, Norman escapes from the mental hospital dressed as a nun. Soon, killings begin on the set of the film.

    Bloch was able to publish the book a few months before the film opened and was able to cash in on the growing craze that the sequel was generating. The book was believed by some to have undercut the performance of the film. this was the age before the internet and many who read the book believed they knew the twist and didn’t bother to buy a ticket.

    Bloch, for those who have never read any of his work, is a masterful storyteller. He loved to play with language and used puns to great effect. In fact, the title Psycho II is a pun. He won many awards during his life, and wrote several screenplays for classic horror films. Oh, and Trekies would know him as the guy that wrote the Jack the Ripper episode of Star Trek — the one where Scotty gets possessed by the old killer.

    Yea, I’m a huge fan.

  2. Wouldn’t Bloch’s agent be losing money as well by undercutting Bloch ? I’d think he’d essentially make more money on a possible screenplay and/ or sequel. Weird.

  3. It was an MGM studio agent that negotiated the deal. At the time it wasn’t uncommon for studio agents to try to make the best deal in favor of the studio instead of their clients. He was playing both sides of the fence by making the sale for Bloch and then giving work to another client he also represented. The agent was paid by the studio and not by the commission that he made on a particular client. To him, he looked like the good guy that was getting two of his clients paid.

    Incidents like this are why studios no longer represent talent.

  4. Ah ! You see something similar going on in ‘Overnight’ where the talent agency is basically working for the studio rather than their clients just to give them steady deals. Seedy.

  5. It was originally from a coffee commercial before that so I’m definitely showing my age now LOL

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