When you hear Chris and Shawn complain on the next Blackfoot….

…Just remember who actually purchased Killer Workout in addition to watching it!

p.s. Context: I was unable to be on the last Blackfoot Lounge, in which I had selected Killer Workout as the film to watch, leaving Chris and Shawn to struggle through it on their own. I shed no tears. Man up, boys! haha



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  1. This reminds me, if there is a particular title you guys are looking for, I just hit the mother-load of old VHS tapes. On a whim, I stopped at this indoor flea-market/antique store and found a section belonging to a guy that used to have several independent Video Stores and is now selling all his old inventory. I only had a few minutes to look around, but he had some great stuff. If there is a particular title you might have been looking for, let me know and I’ll rummage around and see if I can find it. Did I mention that it was all around 5 buck a copy?

  2. We’ll save that for ‘The Blackfoot Lounge First Annual “Where Are They Now ?” Retrospect – A Look Back on Podcasters That Quit the Show’ episode LOL

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