Splattercast #192: Casey Affleck beats the shit out of Jessica Alba

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This week, the Dead Lantern Triumvirate (Matius Caesar, Pompeius Jeffus, and Deejus Crassus) tackle the inherent contradictions of the “Found Footage” subgenre of horror. Do the contradictions inherent within the subgenre itself change how we look at them and “judge” them?

Oh, and as an added bonus, the audio quality seems to be back to normal. Hurray!



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  1. I feel like..if I saw this I would end up thinking The Exorcism of Emily Rose is better along the lines of this sort of story and I keep hearing the ending is one of those things most people who saw it were like “WTF YO”.
    I get that, the ending might be the sudden conclusion of little things that add up, but from all I hear it wasn’t executed well.
    Also, I’m sick to shit of “found footage” movies. Paranormal Activity being an exception.

  2. I’ve never been able to get into these sort of movies, even Paranormal Activity…

    I am indeed the same Mitchell that ordered Outpost Doom, one of the 15 aussies that ordered it, hoping the dingos dont get to it first or that the delivery truck doesnt get koala bombed :p You guys raised some good points that got my friends and I talking about the whole age appropriateness thing some more, so my thanks go out to you for that.

  3. I hated Paranormal Activity. But I enjoyed this movie. the ending is sudden and out of no where. I just didn’t let it ruin the ride for me. I thought Patrick Fabian and Ashley Bell were both fantastic in this.

  4. That was me LOL I told the director the original sound was completely unusable on that scene so I ended up replacing the killer’s voice throughout the movie.
    I get to actually be the killer in his latest via greenscreen. I should have the editing finished this weekend if all goes well.

  5. The bad reviews are my guilty pleasure ! There would’ve been a whole lot more of them if I had put the edited movie out exactly as it was written. There were a ton of loose ends so I changed up some of the scenes, shot and added a few new ones, and pretty much edited the film from ending to beginning so it made sense.
    The new one will be much worse. I promise !

  6. Just to verify, Bryan hates Paranormal Activity, while simultaneously recognizing that it’s a good movie.

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