Episode 428 - [MP3]
We cover breakout genre sensation It Follows.
Episode 13 - [MP3]
The Ethicacy of The Flappening
Episode 86 - [MP3]
Never Again
Episode 33 - [MP3]
Johnny Cash and Syphilis

Monthly Archives: September 2010

Dead Lantern heading to Tulsa

We discovered an upcoming convention that is relatively close to Nebraska and we were like “Hey, let’s go check it out…” That con is the Tulsa Sci-fi Horror Weekend on October 22nd and 23rd. Guests include Joe Bob Briggs, Charles Band, Zach Galligan, and Michael Berryman. In addition to another Full Moon Roadshow experience (maybe […]

Year Zero coming to HBO

A few years back, Trent Reznor made a Nine Inch Nails album called Year Zero. It’s pretty freakin’ terrible. That being said, the strange story behind the concept album (a future dystopian world where the US government has become controlled by extreme Christian fundamentalists who run death squads to root out art while weird stuff […]

Hammer Horror all over TCM in October

It’s nearly October, which¬† means Turner Classic Movies is going to be playing lots of great horror fare. Their big spotlight this month is Hammer. Every Friday in October they will be playing 4 old school Hammer flicks ranging from the Dracula series to The Mummy to Frankenstein and a bunch of other classy Hammer […]

Splattercast #196

Splattercast #196 is up. Elvira’s Movie Macabre, Sharktopus and John Huston’s Phobia.

Monday Morning Music – Chromeo, Night by Night