Year Zero coming to HBO

A few years back, Trent Reznor made a Nine Inch Nails album called Year Zero. It’s pretty freakin’ terrible. That being said, the strange story behind the concept album (a future dystopian world where the US government has become controlled by extreme Christian fundamentalists who run death squads to root out art while weird stuff starts happening like people seeing hands of God coming out of the sky) was pretty rad. A few years back, Reznor was trying to get it turned into a TV show. Apparently, he’s succeeded.

According to this, HBO has green lit the show and it’s got some powerful backers behind it, including Tarantino’s uber-producer. Most interesting to me is the revelation that Daniel Knauf, the dude behind the criminally underrated and totally awesome show Carnivale is handling script and story duties. Whereas I might have been “meh” to this news, I’m now excited by it. Hopefully HBO sticks with it like it did True Blood so it finds an audience and not jettison it like Carnivale and Rome.

Reznor has been keeping busy. Aside from working with his wife in a terrible band (I don’t blame him for that, I mean, puss is involved. You kinda gotta throw your wife a bone now and then), he has scored the new David Fincher flick, The Social Network, (the score of which, is, pretty good) and has been busy behind the scenes getting this major tv project off the ground.

Color me curious again. I’ve always liked Reznor and even though his music has sucked dick in the past few years, he seems to be getting a second wind. Maybe scoring and TV work is that new second life.



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