Thanks, everybody!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Outpost Doom screening at The Grand. It was a lot of fun.

And guess what? The Grand found a box full of The Grand Horror dvd’s that had been sitting on a shelf in some room for over 3 years. We had given them a bunch of copies after we premiered it and in the theater they sat, collecting dust. So yeah, more freaking TGH dvd’s have surfaced. It’s like Jeff said, we’ve turned into Charles Band.

Seriously though, thank again to the Grand, all of the volunteers, and all the people who came out to check out our little horror movie. We appreciate it greatly.

Anime Nebraskon, next weekend!

Not much happens in Nebraska. Which means when stuff like this goes on, it’s a pretty big deal. Anime Nebraskon takes place next weekend in Omaha, and DL will be there covering it. Lots of photos and video footage will be appearing on our site. I know Steve is pretty excited about this because he’s a huge anime guy. I’ve been to a few horror conventions but never an anime one. I’m interested to see how similar and/or different it is.

The full Anime Nebraskon press release after the jump

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Outpost Doom coming to a theater near you!

For those of you in the Nebraska area, I wanted to make sure you know about a our movie screening!

Outpost Doom, which we are very happy to exclaim to the world has been selling very well (thank you everyone who has bought a copy!), is going to be shown in a bonafide 100 year old theater this weekend!

Friday, October 29th in Grand Island Nebraska. The Grand Theater (the very location where we filmed The Grand Horror) will be showing our film! Festivities start at 9:30pm where the cast and crew will talk a little bit about the making of the movie before taking any questions you might have. Show starts at 10pm and we will be selling and signing DVD’s in the lobby!

If that doesn’t get you excited, then the fact that ticket prices are only $2.00 and will be used to help renovate the theater….rad, right?!

Most of the cast will be hanging out at Bonzai pizza a couple hours before the show, so stop by and hang out while eating delicious pizza and drinking ice cold keg root beer.

p.s. Thank to T.J. who made the flyer. Don’t forget to send him facebook messages gushing about how cool it is to be a rockstar and visit him at

Splattercast 200: Paranormal Catfish

Available Now

This week, we jettison all the plans we had for 200 and talk about…nothing. I give a couple reviews of Catfish and Paranormal Activity 2 and we do a brief Tulsa wrap-up before including the live Tulsa recording from our hotel room at the end of the episode. Enjoy…or don’t.

Here’s links to some of the rad vendors we made friends with at the con

Tulsa Wrapup

We’re back from Tulsa!

We were going to talk about the horror poll tonight on episode #200, but we just didn’t have the time to get all the info together with being out of town and all. And of course, next month is Noirvember, which means we won’t get around to it for awhile.

So what do we have lined up for episode 200? Nothing. No plans at all. I guess I’ll talk about Paranormal Activity 2, and we’ll do a recap of sorts of our Tulsa Adventures, but in all honesty, we’ve got nothing. So we’re asking for some last minute content. Submit a formspring question to us and give us something to talk about.