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Anime Nebraskon, next weekend!

Not much happens in Nebraska. Which means when stuff like this goes on, it’s a pretty big deal. Anime Nebraskon takes place next weekend in Omaha, and DL will be there covering it. Lots of photos and video footage will be appearing on our site. I know Steve is pretty excited about this because he’s a huge anime guy. I’ve been to a few horror conventions but never an anime one. I’m interested to see how similar and/or different it is.

The full Anime Nebraskon press release after the jump

3 Day Event to Feature 160 Anime and Gaming Activities

OMAHA, NEBRASKA – October 21, 2010 Anime NebrasKon in its seventh year is Nebraska’s oldest and largest anime con being held on November 5-7th, 2010. NebrasKon posses a friendly and lively atmosphere with 160 panels and activities providing a wide range of entertainment comparable to larger cons. NebrasKon is getting ready for its most exciting year. With incredible facilities at the Coco Key Water Resort in Omaha, NE. NebrasKon will have enough room for its expected 2,000 attendees. This is the second year that NebrasKon will be in Omaha after previously being held in Lincoln.

Anime NebrasKon boasts of over 160 panels and activities to satisfy the interests of any of its attendees. NebrasKon will feature panels by anime industry guests and artists. The artists are Studio ONY, Richard Townsend and Kim Pridemore. The voice actors are Tiffany Grant, who voices Asuka from Evangelion; Eric Vale, who voices Trunks from Dragon Ball Z and America in Hetalia; Jerry Jewell, voice of Kyo Sohma from Fruits Baskets; and Keith Silverstein, the voice of Kimimaro from Naruto. Fan panels and educational panels will cover a variety of interests across the anime fandom.

Main events include Cosplay Contest, Anime Idol, and Cosplay Swimsuit Contest. Anime Idol is a contest where a group of singers sing J-rock songs and anime related songs with judges that provide critiques. Cosplay Swimsuit Contest is one of the new favorites by attendees honoring of NebrasKon’s location at Coco Key. Other popular panels are Con War Stories, AMV (anime music video) contest, and Dating Auction. The Charity Auction will be held to support Big Brothers and Big Sisters, the Open Door Mission, and Make A Wish.

Anime NebrasKon will host an Artist’s Alley where 30 artists can display and sell their artwork. A Dealer’s Room will have around 12 dealer’s from across the region to sell anime and video game related merchandise. The game room will be open 24 hours which includes video gaming and table top gaming. The gaming room will feature tournaments of popular video games.

At the door registration is $45 for all three days. Single Day passes are available at the door. A Child’s Badge is $15 for all three days and a one day badge is $10. The hotel is offering a discounted rate for NebrasKon attendees at $10. Information about the hotel discount and water park admission discount is available on www.animenebraskon.com.

Anime NebrasKon is hosted by the Nebraska Japanese Animation Society which is a Nebraska not for profit organization. The Nebraska Japanese Animation Society’s mission is to educate and inform the public about Japanese animation and Japanese culture.

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