Filming this weekend! (and other DLP updates)

It’s that time again! Dead Lantern Pictures is getting the ball rolling on another production (as the calendar to your right points out), this time a short film adaptation of a story by Bryan Wolford of Drunken Zombie fame. It’s called “Mirror, rorriM” and is about a dude who finds out his reflection is bad news. Deejay is taking over the directorial reigns on this one (I’m hard at work on “Now You’re Dangerous”) but I’ll be around all weekend working as a crew member and might get the editor duty. The sexy man-beast known as Steve Eaton from Outpost Doom will be taking lead acting duties. We’ll be using this short film as a test for our Canon 7D’s, which will be put to use in our feature length projects. I’m looking forward to focusing solely on the technical aspect of this one to get some hands on experience with the new cams. And I have total faith that Deejay is a mad genius who will get something wacky and wild on screen. It’ll be good role reversal for us.

You might be wondering what happened to Isabelle, our slasher flick that we had planned. Well, the script is written and ready to go, but right now we just don’t have the capability of pulling off some of the gory stuff I wrote. And since that is kind of the point, we’ve decided we would rather wait to film it when we know we can pull off the fx rather than shoot it and half-ass it. So it’s on the backburner for now. In the meantime, I’m working on another script that will be done early next year. Something more manageable and within our meager means.

And while that process is taking place, we’ll be shooting short films and working on various other projects. Filmmaking is a slow-ass process, but I think this weekend will go well and we should have something to show by the end of the year. *Crosses fingers*



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