Splattercast Archive: Episode #18

Archiving the memorable moments, quotes, films, and events that have occurred on the Splattercast. This will be an ongoing feature designed to be a handy guide to what was talked about on each episode. You can find the links to each episode blog on the Splattercast Archive page.

Episode 18: (11-21-2006) Download Link
Hosts: Jeff
Category: Solo show
Format: News, Reviews, DVD Releases
Running Time: 40 min


The dreaded solo show format returns as Jeff soldiers through another episode all by his lonesome. News includes The Thing prequel being switched to a remake and the resounding success of The Grand Horror screening. A listener sends in some mail saying that Jeff spoiled Hard Candy. Jeff also reads a Netflix comment about a woman upset that her son can’t see sex but is allowed to see violence before ending with DVD reviews, including the Must Buy DVD of the Week: The Adventures of Teddy Ruxspin.

Films Reviewed

Live Feed (2006) d. Ryan Nicholson

  • Jeff: 4/10

The Last Broadcast (1998) d. Stefan Avalos and Lance Weiler

  • Jeff: 7/10

Salvage (2006) d. Jeff and Josh Crook

  • Jeff: 8/10

Memorable Moments

  • Possibly our first listener mail? Mick from the U.K. (We’ve always had a big British audience, not sure why)


  • Jeff: “Battlestar Galactica is one of the best shows on T.V. today.”
  • Jeff: “The Grand Horror was well attended, hundreds in attendance, and everyone had a great time.”
  • Jeff: “Support your local cable access channel. That’s good to do.”
  • Jeff: “(The Last Broadcast) It’s as good as Blair Witch.”
  • Jeff: “I will probably definitely rent this.”
  • Jeff: “I had no idea there was that much back story to Teddy Ruxspin. I thought he was just this teddy bear you jammed a cassette tape in and he talked and told you a story. No. He is an illiop, and he’s got some heavy shit on his plate, man. I wouldn’t want to have to deal with this stuff.”

Not a whole lot in this episode. It is worth noting that for his choices during the solo episodes, Jeff has been choosing “harder edged” genre fare. He’s always been the guy that enjoys watching these torture and gross out flicks more than anyone else on the cast. And I don’t know what that Battlestar Galactica comment is all about. Up until a week ago, he assured me he had never even seen it. Hmm…

Special thanks to Wave for compiling the notes for this episode.



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  1. Did anyone else show up on this ep? I thought someone said ep 14 or so was the only true solo show?

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