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  1. Ah, to write an award show coverage article or not to write an award show coverage article, that is the question. Or more specifically, to ride your coattails or not to ride your coattails…

  2. I can drop the bit rate down and reupload it if you want, Jeff.

    Or maybe we can offer two versions? One the higher quality and one for people who are fine with the smaller version?

  3. Yeah, Mat, if it’s not too much of a pain in your ass, I would cut the bitrate down to 48 mono and re-upload.

    Rename the current, larger file, like “splattercast218hq” or something.

    Also, yes, I second the vote for Larry to get on the mic!

  4. Guys! Thanks so much, it’s truly an honor to be recognized! Keep checking in, the Vault is just getting warmed up…

  5. Having trouble downloading this. It seems to not be coming through the feed. Anyone else having issues with this? This has never happened before

  6. hmmm….Nobody else has mentioned having any problem downloading it. I just checked the two download links included in the blog post and they both work fine on my end. I’ll let Jeff know and see if anything is screwy with the feed.


  7. Okay thanks. I’m sure it’s me. Maybe I’ll cancel the feed and restart it. That might help. I’ll keep ya posted

  8. okay, it didn’t come through on the feed, I had to do it manually. No big deal. As I said, probably just some bullshit on my end

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