Mortal Kombat Friday

Now that Steve has Mortal Kombat, he wants to play it every Friday night. I think MK has now replaced our normal Red Dead gaming on Friday’s. And since it’s Friday, Steve is putting out a call to all fighters of Earth Realm.

Odds are, we’ll be on Xbox tonight killing each other. You can find our gamertags here.

Can you defeat Quan Chi (me) and Stryker (Steve)?



Prayers and best wishes to Professor Bleak and the people of Birmingham

Everyone here at Dead Lantern wants to send our prayers, best wishes, and positive vibes to our friend Tony of Cold Case Cinema and The Explodey Files. In case you hadn’t heard, he lives in Birmingham and his neighborhood was wrecked pretty bad by the massive tornado that went through the town today.

Thankfully, he is safe and sound, but there are quite a few people who have died. I don’t think there is anything set up yet, but I’m sure the Red Cross will have a way to donate in the coming days.

We wish all the best to our friend and offer sincere condolences to the families of those who have died.


Is Scream 4 “The First Mainstream Feminist Horror Film”?

My buddy Stefan passed along the link to this article to me. It argues that Scream 4 is a watershed moment in horror history for being “The first mainstream feminist horror film.” I think I disagree with this statement just on a basic level. I mean, Jennifer’s Body, written by Diablo Cody, was lauded for being a “feminist” horror film a few years back. And it was a mainstream movie from an Oscar winner that was given a massive marketing campaign, so right there that sort of undercuts the thesis statement of this woman’s article. But that’s not what I’m interested in. I’m more interested in the question: What exactly is a “feminist horror film”? Can such a thing even exist? If Scream 4 is the first “mainstream” feminist film, that means there hasn’t been a feminist horror film for decades upon decades. If true, why is that?

We’ve been batting around these questions today in the chat room. And this would make a great topic for an upcoming Splattercast episode. What is your definition of a “feminist horror film”? Can you name some movies you think might qualify under a feminist film theory definition? And ultimately, why is it important or necessary or even note-worthy for there to be feminist horror films?

You can post your comments here on the blog or send us an e-mail at


Don’t forget to record Swing Your Lady!

Just a reminder for those of you who follow Cold Case Cinema that our next film we’ll be reviewing is the Humphrey Bogart wrestling flick SWING YOUR LADY! The film is showing on TCM tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at 6 am eastern time. Set your DVR’s!

And if you’re wondering where last weeks episode of CCC is, we had some scheduling snafus.  The FORTY NAUGHTY GIRLS episode will be posted later tonight. Thanks for listening!