Call of Duty: Black Ops- Call of the Dead

Mike passed this along in the chat room.

If real, looks like I’m gonna have to pick up CoD: Black Ops used.



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  1. I wonder if it’ll be the typical COD zombie game (horde mode), or more of a Left 4 Dead style campaign.

  2. Its gonna be the same horde mode. The only difference is that this map has 4 famous characters, the biggest map ever in the zombie series, and a it’s own stand alone plot.

    From what i gathered in other vids, it’s George Romero bringing these 4 actors out to the Arctic for some reason and then zombies appearing. Georg goes ape shit and begins attacking you too for some reason.

    Looks like they added a new wonder weapon too. The trailer definitely has me excited but I’ll wait and see if there’s enough new stuff to buy the map pack. $15 for ONE zombies map (I don’t give a shit about the other multi-player maps.) seems like too much for me.

    I seriously hope they turn this COD zombies spin off into it’s own game someday. It’s the only reason I bought “World at War” and “Black Ops.” “Left 4 Dead” may be more popular but I find the weapons and shooting mechanics of COD A LOT more satisfying when it comes to killing zombies.

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