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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Review: Red White & Blue

Red White & Blue (2010) d. Simon Rumley Horror fans have been promoting Red White & Blue pretty heavily. It’s getting a lot of play and buzz on genre sites and is spreading pretty quickly via word of mouth. I’m becoming more and more interested in the question of “What is a horror film and […]

Splattercast #231

Download Now This week, we take a look at the Leif Garrett sock stuffing slasher Cheerleader Camp.

eXplodey Files 47: Soft Light

Were Mat and Steve right about Soft Light? Find out here

Left 4 Dead 2 Night

It’s that time again. Another night of murdering zombies on Left 4 Dead 2. Tonight, Jeff, Steve, and myself will be on XBOX Live beginning around 10pm central time. We’re gonna fire up some zombie killing. Join us. Click here for our gamertags.

Film Riot’s PMS: The Horror