The Magnetic Monster live viewing this Thursday!

Just a reminder that this Thursday, at 10pm central time, Cold Case Cinema will be doing a live podcast via Skype while watching The Magnetic Monster on Turner Classic Movies.

Join Bryan and Tony and watch the film with them while they do their live podcast commentary. It’s gonna be a lot of fun. If you are interested in participating, send your Skype handle to and we’ll make sure you get added to our Skype contact lists. You can also check out all the details on our Facebook Event page.

Thanks! And enjoy The Magnetic Monster!

eXplodey Files 50: The Blessing Way

Our longest show yet, clocking in at almost 2 hours! This is a special show to mark our 50th podcast. Download here

Many thanks to the team at The Colonel Mustard for joining the podcast to tell us about their Lincoln-based X Files musical! It’s super exciting news, so please stay tuned to the end of the show to listen to an interview with them. Many thanks to Lindsay and Phil for taking the time to talk to me about their project – can’t wait to see it! Check out their web site for more info:

Splattercast 235

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This week Elgoro of Talk Without Rhythm joins us to discuss the Charles Band opus METALSTORM: THE DESTRUCTION OF JARED-SYN. Then we just talk about a bunch of random shit like zombies, 3-D movies, and Ron Paul. Oh yeah, and Sparklez joins us again from his loud phone.

Interview: Adolfo Dorta of Days of the Dead

We’re very excited to be attending the brand new Indianapolis convention Days of the Dead this weekend. We’ll be selling Outpost Doom and promoting various stuff at our booth so stop by and say hello! And oh yeah, we’re shooting a short film with Uncle Randy of Drunken Zombie! It’s gonna be action packed and to tell us a little more about the convention, we interviewed Adolfo Dorta, one of the organizers of the event itself. Check it out!

Dead lantern: First things first, could you introduce yourself and give our readers a little bit of backstory about yourself?

Adolfo Dorta: I’m originally from Miami, FL but moved to the Chicagoland area with my wife in November of 2008. I’ve been going to Sci-Fi and comic book conventions since I was a young, young kid, but didn’t really start doing shows that were exclusively horror until about 6 or 7 years ago. Being a Florida native, I’ve always been a long time fan and loyal patron of Spooky Empire’s Ultimate Horror Weekend and have attended it religiously for their past 5 or 6 shows. Since moving to the mid west, I’ve expanded my convention going a bit more, taking advantage of all of the great horror shows out here such as Flashback Weekend and HorrorHound.

Much like most people my age, I grew up in the wonderful VHS era, where there was a mom and pop video rental store on every other corner. My mother was always strict about making sure I stayed out of the horror section lest I be stricken with nightmares by some of the ridiculous cover art that was so common back in those glory days. Despite her best attempts, I always found a way to sneak away and marvel at the gruesome, gory, and over the top imagery that adorned those beautiful boxes, and the fact that it was “forbidden fruit” made it that much more enticing. My curiosity went on to grow into a way of life, one which I have been fortunate to now turn into two really awesome projects – my website, From Dusk till Con, and the upcoming DAYS OF THE DEAD.

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seX-plodey Files #1: Dana Scully

Something new I’m starting, to highlight the sexy stars of The X-Files. And where better to start, than the enigmatic Doctor Scully.

Scully is hot, there are no two ways about it. I once heard her referred to as ‘the thinking man’s crumpet’. And while smart is certainly sexy, I think there is more to Scully’s appeal than her brain. She’s feisty, scrappy, and even her stubbornness is endearing. In early seasons she was (let’s face it) kinda frumpy; it’s not until season 4 that she comes into her own and really ‘wears’ those pant-suits.  This is when the writers start to be a lot more daring with her character (and the wardrobe people ditch the poofy hair), and we see a darker more cynical side to Scully. It’s also when her health is threatened and she is at her most vulnerable, and really begins to open up to Mulder, strengthening their burgeoning relationship even further (it’s also when Mulder starts to wear that leather jacket, but I’ll get to that another time!).

In short (she’s only wee), TV’s answer to Clarice Starling puts Special Agent Scully firmly in the “I would” category.

Announcing the first four anthology segments….

As we’ve mentioned on the past few Splattercasts, we are very busy preparing for our new monthly web series. We have no name decided for the overall project yet (13 Drops of Blood was going to be it until we found out it’s a book) but we do know what the first four stories are going to be. We’ll release one 5-7 minute story per month and ultimately put all of them together for a DVD release. Without further ado, here they are with brief non-spoiler descriptions.

DEADBOLT: The framing device of the anthology. A young girl, home alone on Halloween night, is terrorized by someone knocking on her door. She thinks the boyfriend she just broke up with is behind it and locks the deadbolt. She soon realizes that ex-boyfriends are not the only things angry on Halloween night….

SLEEP TIGHT: Arriving at a hotel late at night after a long drive to a horror movie convention, two podcasters want nothing more than to get to their room and fall asleep. A fateful decision will leave one of them never looking at a hotel bed the same way again…

BAIT: Kemp has the greatest worms in the county and fisherman come from miles around to stop at his tucked away farmhouse. When Andy shows up to buy some bait, Kemp takes him to his barn to show him exactly what makes his soil the best in the county…

CONVENTION GIRL: David has a problem. He’s just staked a vampire call girl. Or at least, he thinks she is. And he will do anything to prove to his friend Justin that she is, indeed, a vampire….


So there you have it, the first four entries in our new monthly anthology series that will debut on Halloween. We’re very excited to announce that Uncle Randy of Drunken Zombie will be starring in Sleep Tight, which will film next weekend at the Days of the Dead convention.

All four stories are created, written, and revised by Tony (Professor Bleak) , Steve, and myself. And we have a whole lot more planned for next year including some shorts written by fellow podcasters and even some entries by non-DL filmmakers. And yes, we are still working on The Dark Around Your Heart. In fact, you might see our private eye in one of the anthology shorts early next year….

So yeah, we’re excited! Now you have another reason to look forward to Halloween 🙂

Review – Quarantine 2: Terminal

Ah, zombies. I’m back to talking about them again! Hurray! I think I’m on a never ending quest to “get it”. I know that eventually I’ll figure out the appeal because somewhere, someday there is going to be a zombie movie that does more than be mediocre, competent filmmaking of the same stories that were told 30 years ago! Okay, I’m being sarcastic. Mostly.

Quarantine was the American remake of the Spanish film Rec about a group of people trapped inside an apartment building trying to survive as one by one they turn into rabid, rage fueled zombies. Ostensibly, they are the same movie save for the final reveal. In Rec it turns out that the virus is supernatural in origin; demon possession. In Quarantine, it’s a doomsday cult that wants to spread a virus to destroy humanity. It is unquestionable that Rec has the better reveal but since Quarantine didn’t go that route the filmmakers of the sequel must work with what they were given. So here we get doomsday cult stuff inspired more by stuff like 24 and The Event than anything remotely unique. By the way, is Rec a zombie movie if the zombies are actually demons? It’s a fine line to draw but then again, zombie fans fight amongst themselves about whether “infected” are zombies or not. Maybe we can put The Exorcist in the zombie category from now on? “But they say the word ‘virus’ in Rec so they’re zombies!!!!!” I’m only half-joking, but I digress…

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Review: X (2011) d. Jon Hewitt

Jon Hewitt’s X is an Australian thriller starring Spartacus alum Viva Bianca as Holly, a high priced prostitute who caters to the rich. She’s been in the game for most of her life but now she’s finally decided to retire. But just like a thief going for one last score, Holly has one last appointment she has to make. Looking for a threeway partner she comes across Shay, a young girl on her first night of what is sure to be a lifetime of prostitution. Shay has already experienced the grossness of old men wanting hand jobs and has had the shit beat out of her by a pimp. Things aren’t looking good when Holly runs into her on the street and offers her $300 to have sex with her for the night. Shay reluctantly agrees and the two make their appointment. After completing their hamburgling session, a mysterious stranger shows up and murders their client after seeing the insides of a briefcase. The stranger discovers that Holly and Shay have been in the apartment and sets out to find them and kill them.

X tries to be a meditation on the shitty life of prostitution while wrapping itself up in thriller tropes. It never fully succeeds at either. Shay genuinely exudes sympathy and watching her try to negotiate what she’s supposed to do on her first night of hookin’ is unsettling.  Holly, on the other hand, is always courted by rich dudes who want to give her a great life. They give her expensive necklaces, she wears incredible dresses, and she’s just flat out hot. You get the distinct impression that prostitution is pretty awesome if you’ve got the looks. Maybe that’s the contrast the director was going for. The only time Holly belies that she has experienced the same stuff Shay is experiencing is when she starts kicking everyone’s ass. It kinda works but kinda doesn’t. The balancing act doesn’t quite gel like it should. Though there is a stand out scene involving Shay helping two drug addicts who then demand money from her and threaten to turn her over to a group of dudes who will gangbang her. The film has some of these really excellent moments but there just aren’t enough of them to really make an impact on the viewer.

The film is not overly violent (though there is a pretty harsh head smash) and actually doesn’t have much sex. All of the sex itself is shot in such a way that you never really see anything which is actually refreshing as the film doesn’t just devolve into exploitation. It actually attempts to be something more, it just doesn’t quite get there. I’m not sure many people are going to like X. I didn’t really care for it. The acting is serviceable but it’s very slow (it takes a good 40 minutes before the main plot starts) and, ultimately, I just didn’t care enough about these hookers to make me feel anything. Another film that is very different tonally, but similar in structure and themes is Red, White, & Blue. That was a film that did similar sleazy material with its characters much, much better. These aren’t exactly the same film but there is enough similar overlap that X just looks amateur by comparison. Maybe I would have liked this movie more if I had seen it first?

Still there are some genuinely effective moments and scenes in X. It isn’t a complete waste of time, it’s just mostly a waste of time. It might be worth a look if you like this kind of darker themed movie but by the end you’ll probably do what I did. Have no real reaction and immediately flip to the weather channel to see if it’s going to storm.