seX-plodey Files #1: Dana Scully

Something new I’m starting, to highlight the sexy stars of The X-Files. And where better to start, than the enigmatic Doctor Scully.

Scully is hot, there are no two ways about it. I once heard her referred to as ‘the thinking man’s crumpet’. And while smart is certainly sexy, I think there is more to Scully’s appeal than her brain. She’s feisty, scrappy, and even her stubbornness is endearing. In early seasons she was (let’s face it) kinda frumpy; it’s not until season 4 that she comes into her own and really ‘wears’ those pant-suits. ┬áThis is when the writers start to be a lot more daring with her character (and the wardrobe people ditch the poofy hair), and we see a darker more cynical side to Scully. It’s also when her health is threatened and she is at her most vulnerable, and really begins to open up to Mulder, strengthening their burgeoning relationship even further (it’s also when Mulder starts to wear that leather jacket, but I’ll get to that another time!).

In short (she’s only wee), TV’s answer to Clarice Starling puts Special Agent Scully firmly in the “I would” category.



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