eXplodey Files 50: The Blessing Way

Our longest show yet, clocking in at almost 2 hours! This is a special show to mark our 50th podcast. Download here

Many thanks to the team at The Colonel Mustard for joining the podcast to tell us about their Lincoln-based X Files musical! It’s super exciting news, so please stay tuned to the end of the show to listen to an interview with them. Many thanks to Lindsay and Phil for taking the time to talk to me about their project – can’t wait to see it! Check out their web site for more info: http://www.thecolonelmustard.com/



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  1. DAMN STRAIGHT I’M LISTENING… though perhaps I should have explained my position better. I shall give you a 100% true account of the events that transpired and paved the way for my first comment.

    So there I am, sitting in front of my computer with my giant foam finger that reads “Explodey Files #1!”. I eagerly await the release of Humbug… and I see nothing but episode 43 “Dod Kalm” on the blog. Then, “The Calusari”, a week later appears. EPISODE 45. I think “what the hell?” I then hypothesize that there must be a feed for the mp3s, and that Jo, lazy as she is (j.k.), must have forgotten to put in a blog post. After several second of frantic googling, I locate the archive for all Dead Lantern podcasts. Thankfully, Humbug was located within its beautiful page, and my life’s homeostasis was restored.

    I figured, one time incident, right?

    Wrong. Along came “Our Town”, accompanied by a blog post, with no link to the mp3. I threw my fist in the sky and cursed Jo and the explodey files members with such veracity that the memory of the archive came back to my mind. I proceeded to go there and download the episode. Now, you say my comment made no sense. Let me detail why it did make sense, though you were not perceptive enough to see why. I prefer to simply see a blog post telling me an episode is available rather than checking the feed each time, it is simply easier, especially because I don’t listen to the other dead lantern podcasts. Simply checking the explodey files feed is much more convenient that wading through a flood of other dead lantern news. However, my real concern is for people who have no knowledge of the archive, and simply see that there is a missing episode and are frustrated. Feel free to read this long over drawn post on the show, not only FYI, but also for your fans who may have wondered about this.

    Plus, I like the attention.

    Amazing work guys (and gals)


  2. OmegaShadow – thanks again for your kind words, and for giving us something to talk about! I’ll make sure I keep on top of the blog posts, and ensure that they are uniform and all include a link to the episode.

    SmokeTNT – thank you for listening and for hearting us 🙂

  3. Hey Jo and the rest of the Explodey gang!
    I’ve resisted commenting since I could never think of anything insightful to say, however since this is your 50th podcast I thought I ought to leave a celebratory message 🙂
    I love The X-Files but have always wanted to voice my ideas or concerns over duff episodes, so it’s nice to hear fans talking openly about the downfalls and disappointments throughout the seasons…without fear of retribution from scary die-hard fans.
    Just one thing, the American dudes (apologies for not remembering their names, so rude!) you podcast with sound really unenthusiastic about the show and doing the podcast…if I ever got the chance to discuss the series with you I’d be ecstatic. Despite this, I understand that you’ve all been doing it for a while and the journey ahead into later seasons seems daunting so I forgive you! Watching The X-Files can be an exasperating experience so I sympathise.
    Keep up the good work and best wishes,
    from a fellow X-Phile in the North of England…Evangeline x

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