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  1. this episode was great fun to listen to, it’s much more
    fluent when you’re all together. i saw on facebook that
    one of your favorite films is brief encounter. i agree,
    it’s my #1 film of all time, wonderful performance by
    celia johnson. keep up the good work, love those

  2. Woop thanks for reading out my email, I hope I redeemed myself after my silly complaint…I do enjoy Matt and Steve too ALOT of the time. As I don’t listen to other Splattercasts I don’t perhaps know you as well as other listeners (especially since I wasn’t here at the very beginning- unfortunately).

    Anyway, feel privileged to have had a mention on the podcast and this week’s was really insightful and tackled difficult episode themes well 🙂

  3. PS. Enjoyed the riot discussion towards the end, thank you for keeping it in! I ate hobnobs and had a cuppa whilst listening, haha.

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