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Never Again
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Johnny Cash and Syphilis

Monthly Archives: September 2011

New Voicemail Line

We’ve had voicemail lines in the past, but always let them expire. Mainly because we never really mentioned it and we used some dumb thing that auto-expired after 30 days so you’d have to keep getting new numbers and that became a pain. So we just let it lapse. But now that we have some […]

Spartacus XXX: The Beginning

(trailer is safe for work) Yup. Sometimes, you get trailers that are just too interesting not to watch. We love Spartacus, so why not watch a porn parody of it? And that blonde chick kinda looks like Viva Bianca if you squint and tilt your junk to the left. We hope to review it on […]

Quick thoughts on TV: Supernatural, Ringer, Pan Am, and Terra Nova

Supernatural is one of my favorite shows on television. It also happens to be one of the best genre shows that horror fans never seem to talk, or care about. It’s got a cool mythology (even though it does seem to be stretching at this point), neat monster-of-the-week episodes, and excellent action. Last season ended […]

Review: Evil Things

Evil Things is a found footage flick by first time feature length director Dominic Perez. There seem to be two minds on found footage movies. Fans either love them for their immediacy, roller coaster scares, and realism, or they hate them for nauseating shaky camerawork, low-non existent budgets, and abrupt and often times jarring endings. […]

DeadTrax: Robocop 2 and 3

Last night we did a double bill of Robocop 2 and Robocop 3. Again, these commentary tracks will not be in the RSS Feed, so if you want to listen, visit the DeadTrax page.