New Voicemail Line

We’ve had voicemail lines in the past, but always let them expire. Mainly because we never really mentioned it and we used some dumb thing that auto-expired after 30 days so you’d have to keep getting new numbers and that became a pain. So we just let it lapse. But now that we have some plans for this site and our podcasts in the coming year, we’ve decided to revive it. The new number is 402-937-1947

This will be the universal voicemail for all of the shows. Those of you who want to comment on Cold Case Cinema one week and the Splattercast another week will only need this one number. As usual, you are more than welcome to leave a comment at any time for any of the shows and we’ll play your messages during the respective podcasts episodes.

We’ve had a lot of fun with the voicemail in the past. Listeners have left reviews of movies we haven’t been able to see, goofball statements, and even some heartfelt appreciation. Anything is more than welcome. So give us a call if you want to be heard by the world!



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  1. I didn’t know if you guys had gotten any calls, so I called to give my thoughts on IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS and if it deserves “classic” status. If you have a lot of calls, feel free to not use mine. Besides, it hung up on me and then I called back all pissed off.

    Don’t worry, I’m not going to make it a habit of calling every week, I just felt I needed to chime in on this subject since I go against the grain a bit.

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