Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from everyone here at Dead Lantern!

If you’re here for Shivers Down Your Spine, you’ll have to wait a bit longer. We’re gonna push Episode 1: Deadbolt to November because recent events (A death in the DL family) sort of knocked us off schedule. Real life is more important than an arbitrary deadline. We’ll have it ready for you to see sometime next month. And of course, we’ll let everyone know when it’s up on the Splattercast. So listen for more info there. But, if you want to see Episode 2: Sleep Tight, starring Randy of Drunken Zombie fame, then you can check that out this weekend, Saturday I believe, at the Drunken Zombie Film Festival.

Now, a vacation. Have a safe and fun Halloween!

Nightchills Studios here in Lincoln

While doing our Halloween prep this weekend, we came across Nightchills Studios here in Lincoln, a local business that specializes in home made horror props such as tombstones and corpsifications. They also have a prop club that is free to join in which various genre enthusiasts get together to collaborate, build, and help each other make props. Yet another rad thing here in our own backyard that we had no idea even existed!

They’re a small local business so stop by their website and take a look at their wares. I saw their corpsifications in person and they looked really freakin’ awesome.

Unfinished box

My family is big into Halloween. As far as we’re concerned, it’s the only holiday that really matters. Every year we build a big attraction and scare the crap out of little kids (which I plan to film this time around and post online). Our big project this time around is a box to jump out of, modeled loosely on the crate from Creepshow. Here’s a few pics of the unfinished box. Yes, I will be jumping out of this.

Some updates regarding the next couple of months

First off, I want to thank all of the Dead Lantern crew for putting in so much work this year. Deejay, Jeff, Steve, Tony, Jo, Lauren, Chris, Bryan, Ronin and all the other people who have helped us create this massive pod empire! 🙂 It’s very much appreciated. Watching movies and doing multiple podcasts is crazy time consuming and all of you do it without complaint. You’ve all helped Dead Lantern become bigger than ever this year and it couldn’t have been done without you. So pat yourselves on the back, you deserve it!

I also want to give special thanks to our film crew. Deejay, Steve, Spooky, Jeremy, T.J., Ali, Jenny, Tina,  Brady, Jeff, Bryan, Tony, and the rest who will no doubt be doing a lot of hours for very little in return over the coming months. Filmmaking is even more time consuming than podcasting and I appreciate everything all of them do. We have a lot of cool stuff planned to show you (an Ancient Rome horror short is coming for Shivers Down Your Spine!) and we’re all very excited. And yeah, there might be another feature length happening here soon…

And of course, all you listeners. We’ve made some great friendships over the past couple of years and we’re all very humbled that you guys and gals keep coming back to listen to our shitty little podcasts and support our dopey horror movies. You guys make it all worth it and we’re excited to bring you all some rad content in 2012.

Now that the mushy stuff is out of the way, I did want to update you all on a few changes happening over the next couple of months.

  • Cold Case Cinema will not be scheduling any new shows for November and December. We’re taking a much deserved two month break for the Holidays. We have 7 episodes in the can so you’ll still get new CCC’s from now until the new year, but we won’t be covering any current TCM flicks until January. Please feel free to continue to send in feedback, though! We’ll get to it in January.
  • The Round Table will also be taking a bit of a break. This is the most intensive cast to produce because we have to edit down 5+ hours of content to around 90 minutes. It’s just too tough to try to get those out weekly, so they’ll be released sporadically. Maybe once a month. You’ll probably see one more before the new year.
  • Dead Trax will probably continue to be posted (remember, it’s not in the feed) though maybe not consistently weekly like it has been. Though look for our upcoming Commando commentary track!
  • Splattercast will continue as normal. We might be off next week for Halloween but we’ll be back in full force to do Noirvember. And don’t forget Deejcember, a month of shows programmed entirely by Deejay!
  • Due to recent events, the first episode of SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPINE might not be out on Halloween as planned. If not, don’t fear because it will be posted very soon! We promise!
  • And last but not least, I’m gonna be taking a break from site blogging for the next couple months. I’ll still post when new podcasts are uploaded but I’m very keen on just taking as much of a break from Dead Lantern as I can for awhile. Sort of a mini-vacation for the holidays. So don’t think we’re quitting, just things might be a tad quieter around here beginning in November.

So once again, thanks to everyone who has made this year a big success for Dead Lantern. There’s a ton of great stuff coming in 2012, including more episodes of SHIVERS, the 2012 Splatcademy Awards, and possibly a new feature length movie! And of course, more of the podcasts that you’ve come to tolerate.

We appreciate all of your support.

Paranormal Activity 3: Biggest horror opening ever

Just updating the post I made on Saturday about the PA franchise, but apparently it’s now official. Paranormal Activity 3 has the biggest opening weekend of any horror film, clocking in at an above expectations $54 million. With overseas, it progressively entrapped $80 million buckeroos…on a budget of $5.

I think it’s safe to say that the Paranormal Activity movies are here to stay.

What’s the point of watching certain things?

This is a fantastic article dealing with people’s desires to watch the hardest things possible and linking to many other commentaries such as this one on Salo. It deals with the concept of fandom and why someone who doesn’t watch A Serbian Film isn’t any less of an enthusiast for the genre. In other words: It’s perfectly okay to not watch images of disgust (Because really, who wants to do that?) It’s very pertinent when it comes to horror fans who trade in the most extreme films.