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Nightchills Studios here in Lincoln

While doing our Halloween prep this weekend, we came across Nightchills Studios here in Lincoln, a local business that specializes in home made horror props such as tombstones and corpsifications. They also have a prop club that is free to join in which various genre enthusiasts get together to collaborate, build, and help each other make props. Yet another rad thing here in our own backyard that we had no idea even existed!

They’re a small local business so stop by their website and take a look at their wares. I saw their corpsifications in person and they looked really freakin’ awesome.

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  • Teen*Idol
    Posted October 30, 2011 at 3:29 pm | Permalink

    I used to work at SPFX Masks making some pretty insanely detailed clowns with a blown off chunks of skull, vampires (think From Dusk Til Dawn), pimps, Zombies, and a bunch others along with props as well. The prices are steep seeing as to how alot of these are made for movies, commercials, theme parks, etc. But it’s definitely worth the bucks.


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