Episode 427 - [MP3]
Smell our fingers!
Episode 13 - [MP3]
The Ethicacy of The Flappening
Episode 86 - [MP3]
Never Again
Episode 33 - [MP3]
Johnny Cash and Syphilis

eXplodey Files 61: War of the Coprophages

Jo, Becky, and Chris discuss a comedic (and nigh unpronounceable) highlight of season 3, War of the Coprophages. We also talk about Human Centipede II being banned in the UK. Please note, we had this discussion BEFORE the news that the movie is being released after all (albeit cut)! Tune in to episode #62 to hear our thoughts on that :)

Also don’t forget to enter the first eXplodey Files competition. Tune in to hear the competition question, and email me for a chance to win the coveted prize, which is a true piece of eXplodey Files history: jo@deadlantern.com

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