Happy New Year! ; Dead Lantern in 2012

No, I don’t think the world is going to end. So I’m not going to start this post with some lame Mayan joke.

2011 was a big year for Dead Lantern podcasting wise. Previous years focused on the blog/website and trying to keep new content posted on our site daily. We sort of stopped doing that this year. In fact, this two month leave from blogging on my end has been pretty great. It’s been nice not having this arbitrary “responsibility” and I’m not planning on returning to it anytime soon. The blog will still be updated with stuff from time to time but my focus for the site has shifted dramatically over the past few months. As I said earlier, 2011 was for podcasting. We brought a few new shows into the stable, expanded our scope podcasting wise, and generally focused all of our attention on that. Splattercast, Cold Case Cinema, DeadTrax, Round Table, etc., all those shows will continue in the next year and we thank all of you listeners for supporting them. But there might be a different feel/tone to them….

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Shivers Down Your Spine – Episode 1: Deadbolt

Merry Christmas everyone! Take a gander at the first episode of our free webseries, Shivers Down Your Spine, and when you’re done, check out my thoughts on the film after the jump.

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