Happy New Year! ; Dead Lantern in 2012

No, I don’t think the world is going to end. So I’m not going to start this post with some lame Mayan joke.

2011 was a big year for Dead Lantern podcasting wise. Previous years focused on the blog/website and trying to keep new content posted on our site daily. We sort of stopped doing that this year. In fact, this two month leave from blogging on my end has been pretty great. It’s been nice not having this arbitrary “responsibility” and I’m not planning on returning to it anytime soon. The blog will still be updated with stuff from time to time but my focus for the site has shifted dramatically over the past few months. As I said earlier, 2011 was for podcasting. We brought a few new shows into the stable, expanded our scope podcasting wise, and generally focused all of our attention on that. Splattercast, Cold Case Cinema, DeadTrax, Round Table, etc., all those shows will continue in the next year and we thank all of you listeners for supporting them. But there might be a different feel/tone to them….

In a few months, we’ll have officially been podcasting for 6 years. Six. Years. In terms of the Splattercast, I feel we’ve pretty much said everything we’ve felt the need to say (to nobody in particular). We’ve all lamented the fact that it has become harder and harder for us to find things in the horror genre that interest us. Invariably, we always end up watching some junk movie that we all hate simply to have content for the sake of content. I can probably speak for Jeff, Steve, Deejay, and myself when I say that the enthusiasm we had for the Splattercast as a thing has definitely waned over the years. That is not to say that we don’t enjoy doing the show. Personally, I like it because it’s fun to chat with these guys. It’s fun to laugh. It’s fun to give each other shit. It’s fun to find some weird movie you never heard of. And honestly, you can’t put a price on spending time with your friends. Ultimately, that’s what podcasting is all about. It’s not about the “fans”. Or the number of downloads you get.  It’s not out of some bizarre slave notion of obligation/responsibility to the horror genre “community”. Strip all that hipster cred bullshit out of the equation and at its core it’s about spending time with your friends. It’s about the simple act of interacting with people you like.  The reason we keep doing the Splattercast each week isn’t because we care about the show itself (I mean, really, it’s another podcast in an ocean of horror podcasts),  it’s because we just look forward to hanging out each Monday night. Shootin’ the shit for an hour and a half in our otherwise busy lives. Quality time with good people. Spoiler: That is the secret behind every good podcast.  Not quality in terms of “I have to have the best audio, or best information, or best production”; not technical quality. Quality in terms of “These people are awesome and just talking to them is a worthwhile use of my time”. I’d like to think that’s why Splattercast has stuck around so long and garnered such a following. And until life throws us a curveball, we’ll continue to do it.

That being said, the coming year will see a drop off in “planned” shows. You’re gonna hear a lot more free form, random stuff  than in years past. We’ll always remain a horror podcast first and foremost but my expectation is that we’ll be shifting  into a more general movie discussion podcast. And really, can you blame us? 6 years of horror. There’s gotta be other stuff we can talk about! Later this month we’ll actually be covering the films of Andy Sidaris, for example. I’m looking forward to that more than I am talking about The Devil Inside.  Don’t be surprised if they get shorter, more generalized, and, possibly, less frequent. There are no solid plans in place for any major changes, just that I feel this is sorta what’s gonna happen in the next year. Because, you ask?

Well, our entire focus will be our films. It’s confirmed now that we will be shooting a feature length film beginning, hopefully, in April. That’ll take up most of the year. It’s gonna be badass and infinitely better than Outpost Doom. I’m excited to bring all of you along for the jounrey.  We’re also going to continue doing our Shivers Down Your Spine shorts. We’ve got a lot of really cool stuff that we’re excited to show you in the coming months. So if last year was the year of podcasting for DL, 2012 will be the year of DLPictures. And really, that’s what we should be focusing on.

Thanks again for all of you who continue to support our podcasts and our films. We appreciate it so much.

So on behalf of everyone at Dead Lantern, have a safe and happy New Year, everyone!



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  1. Sounds like you have an awesome 2012 in store. Lets just hope it isn’t capped off by the election of Romney as President. That would basically ruin any good of 2012 that came before it.

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