Splattercast 265: The Films of Andy Sidaris

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This week we take a look at a bunch of Andy Sidaris films such as Hard Ticket to Hawaii, Picasso Trigger, Savage Beach, Guns!, Enemy Gold, and Day of the Warrior. We also take a look at Lucky McKee’s The Woman and report back on the amazing premiere of the new season of Spartacus.

Please visit AndySidaris.com to learn more about his films and if you are into low budget exploitation with a 70’s bent, check out the films on RHRhomevideo.com

My semi-retirement from podcasting! Hurray!

The next few months are going to see some big changes in regards to the podcasts we do here at Dead Lantern. Long story short, Round Table and Cold Case Cinema will be on indefinite hiatus and the Splattercast will be sort of directionless. And DeadTrax and Explodey Files will probably continue in their infrequently posted manner.

Why? Well, if you care, I’ve posted why after the jump. If you don’t care, then go watch Episode 2 of Shivers Down Your Spine!

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