My semi-retirement from podcasting! Hurray!

The next few months are going to see some big changes in regards to the podcasts we do here at Dead Lantern. Long story short, Round Table and Cold Case Cinema will be on indefinite hiatus and the Splattercast will be sort of directionless. And DeadTrax and Explodey Files will probably continue in their infrequently posted manner.

Why? Well, if you care, I’ve posted why after the jump. If you don’t care, then go watch Episode 2 of Shivers Down Your Spine!

Last year Dead Lantern expanded its “podcasting empire”. It was pretty much the focus of our site. I was a big part of that. At one point I was doing Explodey Files, Cold Case Cinema, DeadTrax, Round Table, and Splattercast on a weekly basis. That’s a lot of podcasting and a lot of time consumption.

The beginning of the end for me in terms of podcasting, I think, began when we finally decided to focus on our filmmaking stuff, specifically Shivers Down Your Spine. Last summer and fall, in the midst of traveling the convention circuit and prepping and shooting the Shivers shorts, I sort of dropped out as a host of Explodey Files. I just didn’t have the ability or time to keep watching X-Files episodes and to make the scheduled recording times. That was the first domino to fall. And, if I’m going to be honest, the template for myself in feeling “You know, I’m really just not that into this anymore”.

Last winter we decided to put Cold Case Cinema on hiatus for the holidays. We were about a month ahead in recorded shows so at the time we felt it would be perfect to take a break and recharge. I really enjoy Cold Case Cinema as a show. It’s probably the one podcast I am most disappointed with stopping. We set up a couple months of scheduled shows and then I realized “This feature length film is going to swallow all of my time” and Bryan is also busy with Myctophobia, finishing Bait, etc. and we all came to the decision that it would be better to not come back to it after the hiatus. Maybe in the future we’ll do some one off episodes, who knows.

The Round Table is always fun. Unlike the other podcasts that we do, RT was never designed to be a weekly show. It’s recorded over poker nights while playing Red Dead Redemption and generally lasts four to five hours making an insanely rough post production process. The beginning of the end for that show stems from Tony and I’s cancelling of Xbox Live. Yes, we all have PS3’s and I’ve been told there is a free poker game on that, but so far, none of us have really been “Guys, let’s get this set up!”. I imagine it’ll just fade away unless someone more ambitious than myself has the drive to bring everyone together. Still, you can look forward to at least one more in the coming weeks, as we do have one finished that we’ve yet to post.

As the dominos continued to fall (with a major one I’ll discuss later) and my podcast “duties” became more and more relaxed, I realized that it was FANTASTIC to have so much free time again. Podcasting had turned into a job for me and it became a thing where I said to myself “I’d rather have my free time than do podcasts and all the work that comes with it”. So I just unilaterally decided to not be a part of DeadTrax for awhile. This occurred in the past couple of weeks and, admittedly, was sort of snap decision. It does look like the other hosts of that show are planning to continue on at least on a semi-regular basis, so it looks like there will still be updates to Deadtrax. But for now anyways, I’m not going to be participating.

I should note that my absence from all of these podcasts has nothing to do with any behind the scenes fighting, or anger towards anyone else. There is no butthurt involved. It’s simply: “I just don’t feel like doing it anymore.”

And nothing exemplifies this feeling for me more than the Splattercast. As most of you know, for the past four years we’ve put together the Splatcademy Awards which is always a big involved process of podcasters, celebrities, editing, etc. Back in early Decemeber I had an epiphany. I really, really didn’t want to do the work to put the show together again. There were outside factors for this, of course. A possible job opening that would take up my time, and of course the feature length film that we are developing. But I’m not gonna lie, one aspect was that I simply didn’t care enough to have the drive to do it again. I didn’t want to do it. So, the big shindig was canceled in favor of a normal cast in which we present the awards ourselves. That realization led me to re-evaluate what my participation in the Splattercast as a whole would be going forward.

For the past six years, I’ve been the primary person that organizes the Splattercast. I’ve scheduled most of the shows, organized the topics/themes,  done most of the post production, and generally have been the person who does all the promotion and site blogging (another thing that I basically gave up doing last year; this has been coming for a while in all non-filmmaking aspects of DL on my end). I don’t mind that or resent anyone for not doing “as much” as me, and I certainly am not trying to make this sound dickish (though, knowing me, that’s probably how it comes across). I’m really just tired of the grind.

It basically just boils down to the fact that I don’t want to do the day-to-day activities of running podcasts anymore. So, after next week’s Andy Sidaris show (which we had pre-scheduled but kept getting pushed back due to the SuperHeidi thing), I am relinquishing my “responsibilities” for the Splattercast. This doesn’t mean I’ll stop being on the show. I like hanging out and chatting with Deejay, Steve, and Jeff and will continue to do so. But I’m no longer going to be programming or organizing what we do on that show, at least for the foreseeable future. Essentially, I’m going to be taking a backseat to podcasting in the same way that Jeff, Deejay and Steve do. I envy that. Just being able to show up, chat with friends for an hour or so, and then not think about DL at all for the next week. That’s basically what I want to do, and after six years, frankly, yeah, I deserve it.

Now what’s this mean going forward? Well, for the immediate future it means that you’ll hear a lot less of me on DL. The only weekly show I’ll be on will be the Splattercast and what form the show takes, and how involved I am, in the coming months is anybody’s guess. It’s entirely possible that an extended break from podcasting will get me recharged and you’ll start seeing all these shows again. But I’m gonna be honest, right now it really feels like the proactive-podcaster part of my life is kind of done. I guess it’s hard to describe to a listener how much work it actually takes to put out a podcast. We don’t do super produced things like other shows but just the watching of all the movies, the editing, and post production, and blogging it, and putting it in the feed, and promoting….all that adds up and is frankly, time consuming and not something I want to do anymore. So this is sort of a semi-retirement in a sense, I guess. But I’ll never say never.  I can certainly envision the occasional CCC or Round Table or DeadTrax popping up in the future with me on it. But it won’t be anything with any regularity anymore.

And just so we are all clear, my relinquishing of involvement and taking a backseat in these shows doesn’t mean they necessarily need to end. We have a lot of great hosts and contributors that make shows like CCC, Round Table, DeadTrax, etc. great. If they want to keep those things going, by all means, go for it! We’ll keep posting them in the feed.

But to end this on a positive note. Giving up on podcasting duties gives me way more time to focus on our film stuff, which, honestly, is more important. I’m looking forward to showing you all not only more Shivers episodes, but also getting our feature length slasher done. That’s the priority. I appreciate all of you who have shown support for me and the various podcasts over the years. I hope you will all continue to support all the other contributors to DL as the continue the tradition of quality podcasting. This isn’t the end of DL, it’s just a semi-end for me. We’ll see what the future holds.




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  1. Mat, I don’t blame you for feeling this way, after a while if it feels more like a chore than something you enjoy you have to regroup.
    If the fellas ever want any help with picking content for Splattercast we the straggler extras of the Dead Lantern podcast network can probably help. I can certainly pick up some slack and suggest Splattercast content if y’all are open to it.

    So go make us some movies dammit.

  2. All of this is a ploy by Mat and his agent. Mat’s DL contract is up in the next month and he is trying to squeeze DL for more money. What he doesn’t realize is that they are going to use their first round draft pick to get one of the top podcasting prospects coming out of college.

    In the end, Mat will end up being traded to Drunken Zombie for Doiner and a podcaster to be named later.

  3. To be fair I sort of put the nail in the coffin for CCC. Mat wanted to come back and at least do all the films we had announced for Jan and Feb and I basically said it didn’t make much sense to come back just to say “Oh by the way the show is ending.” and I’m super busy at the moment anyway. So yeah. Good times. Saw some awesome movies because of CCC though.

  4. A damn shame, but I’m glad filmmaking will be filling in the energy level left available after podcasting’s cut out. You guys show a lot of potential so far and I can’t wait to see what comes out in the future.

  5. Ya’ see, I come from the loins of a real American. My father was a plumber and his father was too. However, just ’cause I’m the son of a plumber man doesn’t mean I’m not versed and skilled in the art of opening a can of whup-ass. In fact, real American’s like my great great great grandfather, who was also a plumber, invented the ass-whupin’ when he stepped aboard the Santa Maria and whupped the ocean’s ass to come to this great nation. I AM THE COLD BLOODED SAUSAGE MAKER!!!

  6. Well, I’m one listener that totally understands. It makes me sound nerdy, but it’s why me & my friends stopped playing D&D. I got tired of all the extra work that it takes to put the thing together. The Splattercast helps me focus while I’m at the gym so I hope that continues, but I can totally understand not wanting to run everything. I hope it makes you feel better Mat.

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