eXplodey Files 66: Pusher

This week, Julie from 19 Nocturne Blvd joins the ‘cast to discuss a highlight from season 3.

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Please send in your thoughts on season 3 for our upcoming season finale show, which we are recording very soon. Let us know what your best/worst episodes are, and what you are looking forward to in season 4. Feel free to send me a message in the forum, or email me: jo@deadlantern.com 


We’re busy in pre-production of Isabelle and today Maddy Griep, playing the titular slasher, got a life cast done! It’ll be the basis for creating the killer’s mask. Check out the Prometheus FX Facebook page for more of Mitchell’s behind the scenes pics. Be sure to like it to get nifty updates from the fx set of our movie!

We’ll have a page devoted to the film on our site soon.

Outpost Doom is close to selling out!

Outpost Doom is nearly sold out!

Yeah, totally. We’ve sold through roughly 85% of our stock. We appreciate all of you who have supported us through the years, first buying The Grand Horror, then our t-shirts, and now Outpost Doom.

But, as with The Grand Horror, once the Outpost Doom DVD’s are gone, they are gone forever! We have no plans to do another run. So, if you are one of those who hasn’t gotten a copy and wishes to have one, best get one now ($10, free shipping)!

When we blow up with our film this summer you’ll be wishing you had this DVD 🙂