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The House at the End of Time
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The Ethicacy of The Flappening
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Never Again
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Johnny Cash and Syphilis

Monthly Archives: March 2012

100 years of the BBFC

A pretty interesting article  on the BBC about the history of the British Board of Film Classification (formerly, the C stood for Censors) as it celebrates its 100 year annivesary. It explains how ratings have changed over the years, and that a movie like Island of Lost Souls can eventually receive a PG rating after initially being […]

Splattercast 273: Chunky Chili Hunger Games

Download Now Professor Bleak joins us as we talk about Hunger Games, Pool Boy, Convention Girl, raising money for low budget movies, and more. We also talk a bit about why it is socially acceptable to read explicit content but not okay to watch explicit content. Got a view on this? Shoot us an e-mail […]

eXplodey Files 68: Hell Money

We return with “Hell Money”. This week I’m joined by Tony, Sarah, Julie, Becky and Chris. Download episode

DeadTrax: Tombstone

Download Now This was gonna be a new episode of Cold Case Cinema, but I couldn’t find the CCC intro file anywhere. Ah well. It’s basically a DeadTrax anyway Check out the DeadTrax page for all of our audio commentaries

Convention Girl is live!

Episode 4 of Shivers Down Your Spine, Convention Girl, is up! Give it a whirl and then read my comments after the jump.