Isabelle: The Noir Slasher!

Yes, fear not, you will get a color version of ISABELLE in its full splatterific, blood spraying glory. Join the Facebook group to keep up on stuff.

But even as I work on Izzy, my mind is thinking about the next movie, which will be a film noir. Long time fans of the site will know that I am a huge admirer of not only noir, but black and white films in general. There's just something about it I like. And so this evening I had some spare time and decided to noir up the handful of scenes we've shot so far. There will be a black and white version of this movie available in some form eventually. Hopefully we can just stick it on the DVD ala The Mist as an extra option. Or maybe I'll just offer it as a download for those who buy the DVD. We'll see. That's a ways down the road. But I feel that it will only help when we decide to do our noir next summer. Some extra images after the jump

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