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What a night. I wanted to get a blog post out sooner than this but my life is sort of busy and awesome at the moment. So far so good on ISABELLE. Everything we have shot so far looks great. We started off with an early afternoon green screen driving test with Des, Jeremy, and Steve. Rather than go through an entire day trying to figure out how to shoot in a moving vehicle, we decided to attempt it green screen and see if we couldn’t save ourselves some time, energy, and stress. So far, the footage Deejay has sent me looks fantastic so I think we lucked out. After an outstanding job by all of our actors (and a big thanks to Jeff for letting us use his garage), we went to Virginia’s, a local diner here in Lincoln, and I gorged on two orders of Croissant’s and hash browns. I am fat.

Later that night was when all the fun started. Melanie Gillis arrived from Omaha for what we hoped would be a fairly short shoot. FX guy Mitchell of Prometheus FX also showed up. The plan was to kill her. That didn’t quite go to plan. First, we were shooting in downtown Lincoln when a giant rain/hail storm hit us, delaying the shoot. Then we spent most of the night getting dialogue stuff. By the time we got around to the death sequence, we were out of time. Much to the chagrin of the cutest little kids ever who waited up as long as they could in the hopes they’d get to see a monster kill the nice girl who loves pie. Did I mention our actress loves pie? 🙂

I’m just getting around to finally looking at the footage tonight. Deejay’s harddrive arrived in the mail this afternoon and other than a few snafus (Has anyone noticed the glaring error yet?) that should be easy to fix in post, we did a great job. I can’t wait to start editing this stuff together. Good thing I a three day weekend. On Monday, I’ll be getting paid to edit. Always a plus 🙂



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