Isabelle Shoot: Day 1

Day 1: 5/5/12

It seems only fitting that we'd begin full production of our latest horror film on the Supermoon. We had filmed a two shot news reporter take a couple weeks beforehand with Danielle Wolverton, but Saturday was the first day we really began working on the film with a full light set up, multiple cameras, actors, etc.

The shoot went really well. There is a noticeable difference in professionalism and a “Let's get this done right” attitude that is certainly a change from stuff like Outpost Doom in which there was a lot of wasted time just dicking around on set.  All told we shot six scenes in probably about five hours of actual “film time” with a couple more allowed for set up and cleanup. If we can keep that schedule, we'll knock this movie out in no time.

Lastly, I want to give a huge shoutout to our actors this weekend. Desiree, Sarah, and Jeremy (and Steve for his “fall on the cement” scene and not being a diva about it). They made what we thought was going to be an uncomfortable weekend fun, loose, and professional. It was a great cast all around and I can't wait to work with them in the coming weeks.

Big shoutout to Spooky McPhee for using his mad airbrushing skills to really make the Isabelle mask look great. I'm excited to see Maddy in full Isabelle garb. I think we have a really visually striking slasher villain and I can't wait to unveil her to you when the time is right.

All in all, the first weekend was a big success. Deejay just dropped off the hard drive with all the footage and I plan on going through it later today. I'll post some screenshots in our Isabelle Facebook Group later this afternoon.


Want a cameo in our new film?

I am very excited to announce a special “contest” we’re having for Splattercast listeners.

As you know, this Saturday marks the official start of production on ISABELLE (working title), the latest film from Dead Lantern Pictures. Our film is blessed (or cursed!) with having many small roles. What better way to say thank you to all the Splattercast listeners who have supported our podcast and our previous films over the years than to offer up a chance to be in our new movie?

So here’s the deal…

We are looking for two Splattercast listeners. You can be male or female (and over 18) and all you need is access to a 1080p high definition camera. What we’ll do is send you the lines in the script and you’ll record yourself (or have a friend help record you) delivering the lines. There is no travel required and theoretically, anyone from around the world can participate. Email the footage to us and we’ll select the two best entries from the pool that we get. We’ll be looking for the best framed shots, interesting locations, best line delivery, etc. so the more interesting you can make your submission, the better chance you’ll have of wowing me. And who knows, even if you don’t get selected, we may still put you on the DVD extras! Before you ask, YOU GET NO PAY, lol, but you will get to not only be in our movie, but get an IMDB credit and the cool cred (because we’re cool, duh) of being in a feature length film.

Think you’re up for it? Then send me an e-mail at and I’ll hook you up with the lines.

Deadline to receive entries is June 1st, so get crackin’!