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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Splattercast 291: OSFest 2012!

Some pics from our adventures at OSFest 2012! Additional photos can be found right here. And after you’re done sifting through photos of hot people above, listen to our full recap of OSFest 2012!

Splattercast 290

Download This week, we discuss adventures in ISABELLE filming and discuss The Dark Knight Rises. Spoiler, the photo above pretty much sums up what Catwoman does in the movie.

The end of an eventful weekend.

Now that was a weekend. Steve and I left for Aurora, Nebraska around 7:30 am on Saturday morning. Arriving about 9, we grabbed McDonald’s breakfast with Des before embarking on a long, painful journey through the bowels of indie filmmaking over the next 24+ hours. That journey included 100 degree heat in a shadeless cemetery […]

The Motherfuckin’ Round Table of Man is coming….

  Yes. That’s right. When most of us gave up Xbox, it kind of killed the Round Table. The Round Table was originally recorded while playing long nights of Red Dead Redemption poker. A couple months back, we attempted to record one while dicking around on the internet. It just wasn’t the same as being […]

Teaser for Rory Abel's ALONE

Longtime listener and fellow indie filmmaker Rory Abel has a teaser trailer for his latest flick, ALONE, posted on ze youtubez. Check it out and give him some feedback! zp8497586rq