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  1. How is it that you guys being indie filmmakers are allowed to review other indie filmmakers work? Aren’t you a bit biased? Your “review” of “Sleepaway Camp 4” was unprofessional, rude and made you guys sound like arrogant douche bags. I couldn’t even sit through the whole podcast. And this isn’t the first time…

  2. Maybe you shouldn’t listen anymore.

    And fuck Sleepaway Camp 4. It’s a total piece of shit, and if you’re apologizing for it, then that says more about you than it does us.

    The end.

  3. Hey Jessica, you explain to me why you think Sleepaway Camp 4 is good, and I’ll explain (again) why you’re wrong.

  4. Sleepaway Camp 4 is more entertaining and more well known than your features, so you have no room to talk. And the “fuck Sleepaway Camp 4” comment displays major immaturity, especially since you added “The end.” Grow up boys. Maybe try and get a girlfriend? Then again, you seem satisfied enough jerking off to your own movies.

  5. I dunno, we’re all really successful and in long term relationships (Sorry Jes, we’re taken!). My life, for one, is pretty great.

    You should go hang out with Dustin at Amigo’s or something, Jessica. He needs someone to help him feel good about what he’s doing. You’re that person, I think.

  6. I agree with Jessica. U guys do need to grow up. With attitudes like this you will never be successful. I’ve actually heard of Dustin Ferguson, but can’t say the same about any of u.

  7. I found this site while doing a google search for Sleepaway Camp. I tried listening to your dumb podcast but stopped it while u were talking about how u like jizz covered twinkies. U talk like you spent your childhood getting your ass kicked on the school yard.

  8. False. I never once said I liked jizz covered twinkies. You’ve got the wrong guy, I’m a Zinger man!

  9. Thomas, I don’t know if you’ve tried Zingers before, but they are really good. They are similar to Twinkies, but made by a different company. Zingers have some frosting on the top of them which is a big reason why I like them more than Twinkies. What I love to do, especially with the chocolate Zingers, is put them in the freezer for an hour or so before I eat them. Try it!

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