Dead Lantern at 2 upcoming conventions

It’s been quite a while since we participated in the convention circuit. I think the last one we went to was Crapticon in Kansas City last year. That, coupled with the incredible shittiness of Indianapolis kind of sucked any enthusiasm we had for conventions. That being said, our current adventure in filmmaking has put us all back into the swing of things and there are a couple area cons we’re gonna hit up, promote, and do stuff at.

The first is OSFEST, a local science fiction convention that is being held in Omaha at the end of the month. Not only will we be manning a booth to unload the last of the OUTPOST DOOM dvd’s (better buy one now before they are gone forever!), but we’ll also be leading two separate panels discussing podcasting and making low budget movies. Additionally, the con has been gracious enough to screen OUTPOST DOOM and all four of the SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPINE shorts while also giving us a Q&A session. Our block of films will run from 10am to around 12:30 pm on Saturday, July 28th. So stop out and say hello. We might even have some rad ISABELLE items for sale at our booth….

The second is Horror on the Boulevard, which takes place in Kansas City. We met the guys who run this last year while dicking around at Crapticon. They were super rad and invited us to participate in their yearly event. We’ll have a booth and maybe, just maybe,  be world premiering ISABELLE footage on their giant drive-in big screen! So if you live in the Kansas City area, come on out to Horror on the Boulevard this October. I guarantee you’ll be invited to come with us to this insanely difficult mini-golf course we will attempt to defeat again!



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