The Motherfuckin’ Round Table of Man is coming….


Yes. That’s right.

When most of us gave up Xbox, it kind of killed the Round Table. The Round Table was originally recorded while playing long nights of Red Dead Redemption poker. A couple months back, we attempted to record one while dicking around on the internet. It just wasn’t the same as being in an intense conversation and then shouting “Fuck your river card 7-2 off suit bullshit, Ronin!” Someday, that lost episode of the Round Table, in which we geek out on Avengers, discuss the existence (or non-existence) of Jesus, and pontificate on…well…whatever else we talked about that night, will be released.

But, now that we’re all getting Xbox Live back for a brief amount of time to play the new Left 4 Dead DLC, I am unilaterally calling the Round Table to order. Poker, long nights, and months of manly awesomeness to catch up on. It will be glorious. And we will talk more about Christina Hendricks. And I’ll find out if any of these assholes were man enough to watch the latest season of Mad Men.

That, and more, coming soon. We’ve got a month beginning next Tuesday. Let’s record some shit.

p.s. If you are new to the site and our various podcasts, you can catch up on the previous Round Table’s right here. Boobs.



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