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  1. haha That movie little spies does exist Steve 😛 i say so!! lol just to let you guys know though i am a girl 😛 and Steve has my addy. Thanks guys!

  2. I’ve got to agree with Bryan on this one. Normally you guys come at a movie with fair criticisms, but on TDKR it’s like you guys didn’t even pay attention to the movie.

    In fact, on second viewing, I realized some of the problems I had with the film weren’t really there. I was just trying to feel holes that the film fills for itself. There is one really weird time goof with Miranda near the end of the film. She is taken in with Gordan in front of Crane and then Bane pulls her out of line. Then Bruce comes back and sees her with Fox. The next thing we know, Batman is asking Gordon what happened to Miranda, and Gordon tells him Bane took her…which happened before Bruce saw her with Fox

    Here are the things you guys really screwed up:

    1)They were using the guy from Wayne Enterprises for his money. Their plan was to attack the stock exchange and ruin Bruce, so he would be forced to reveal the reactor; which Marion/Talia knew he had shelved because of the Scientist’s article on turning it into a BOMB. They had also put her into place to be the one person Wayne could trust, so she could take over the company when Bruce was forced out. The whole Wall Street ploy was to accomplish this goal, not to get the weapons.

    2)Talia didn’t have a tattoo on her back, guys. It was a scar.

    3)Selena was very much involved in the happenings of the film. She was hired by the bad guys to get Bruce’s fingerprints. She also lured Batman into Bane’s trap, which lead to a redemption story arc. She also played a bigger part in the final chase scene than anyone other than Batman. Did she have as big a role as Batman? No, but this wasn’t her movie.

    4)Yeah, like Bryan said, during the final moments when Fox is talking to the techs about the other Bat, they mention the auto-pilot had been fixed, and the software ID belonged to Bruce.

    5)Bane explains to Bruce why the prison is so bad. It’s not because it is a horribly violent place, but because it taunts the inmates with hope for escape. Remember, not even Bane ever managed to make the climb.

    Does the movie have issues? Yes; however you guys seemed to completely fumble the ball on this one. I implore your to give it another watch, because I actually loved it the 2nd time around.

  3. I think I liked it more than Mat, but I still don’t completely agree with you.

    1. Nitpicking whether it was a scar or tattoo is irrelevant. Whatever it was, it was clearly there to say “hey, Batman should probably pay attention to this”.

    2. I didn’t mind the Wayne exec in the movie, I just had Bane’s need for him wrong.

    3. I liked the idea of the prison. Bane’s speech about it torturing Batman’s soul was kind of dumb, but I got the message.

    4. I stand by Catwoman being useless.

    5. Fuck you, Bleak! How dare you side with Bryan!

    6. <3 you guys.

  4. THE STEVE GOES: “Nitpicking whether it was a scar or tattoo is irrelevant. Whatever it was, it was clearly there to say “hey, Batman should probably pay attention to this”.”

    You are assuming the character in the movie is aware that he is in a movie. I have lots of scars; most people have one or two. It’s not like her scar was of a bat-symbol with a line through it. Does it tip the AUDIENCE to the possibility of her being more than what she is? Sure, but that is for the audience. Several of the people I know that have seen the movie admit to not seeing the twist coming, but they are not nearly as movie savvy as we are. They are the general public.

    Now, the scar is possibly supposed to be where she had her League of Shadows brand removed, but he still wouldn’t suspect that. I mean, he’s not that paranoid, is he?

    <3 you to, Steve.

  5. Guys, my quote is directly from the movie. Miranda asks it to Fox when he shows her the reactor. I was being funny. You know, jokes.

  6. I haven’t listened to the podcast episode, but I did understand the reason for the stock market heist and also caught the thing about Bruce repairing the auto-pilot. I think I remember the guys not understanding that and me trying to point it out (read: I’m the smart one).

    The movie is good – I’m not saying it wasn’t. I recommend everyone go see it. It’s just got a whole bunch of “meh” in it.

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